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Ryzen 7 5800h vs. i7-11800h- Which is a more versatile processor?

Ryzen 7 5800h vs. i7-11800h- Which is a more versatile processor?

Which laptop processor should I choose? Which model provides better performance? You want powerful computing power without spending too much money.

After all, you’ll need enough memory and processing power if you plan on running multiple programs simultaneously, even if they are only light ones.

Here are some details about the two laptop processors that you might consider. The Intel Core i7-11800 H CPU has the same clock speed as the previous generation (i5-8550) but offers twice the number of cores.

This means it will run more simultaneously and hence provide faster computation when working with several applications at once.

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800h has double the cores compared to its predecessor (Ryzen 7 3700U).

Therefore, it uses less energy for similar compute tasks, resulting in longer battery life. And since both machines offer 8GB RAM, you don’t really have anything else to worry about.

So, independent of the brand and model of laptop you pick, this content will be helpful when attempting to decide which of these two CPUs you should choose on a mid-range laptop.

Differentiating Ryzen 7 5800h and i7-11800h based on various



This is about battery life, especially with video streaming and regular use.

With YouTube and Netflix streaming lasting 9 to 12 hours on an AMD system but just 6 to 8 hours on an Intel installation, the AMD configuration comes out on top by a respectable margin.

When it comes to surfing, word editing, and general multitasking, the differences are less noticeable. However, the AMD choice still has a slight advantage in terms of longevity.

However, with games and other heavy loads, you shouldn’t anticipate getting more than 1 to 3 hours of usage out of a charge, along with a performance hit compared to what these laptops offer when they are plugged in.

Gaming experience

A few games were played on the two devices to test how well the two CPUs affected the experience.

Once more, in the supported games, both devices use the same Nvidia RTX 3060 Laptop dGPU at 80 to 95W of power and the same kind and quantity of RAM.

However, we found quite a few distinctions between the two systems regarding how they handle different games and how Dynamic Boost 2.0 distributes power between the CPU and GPU.

The Intel model typically uses 5–10 W less GPU power since it gives the CPU more power and depletes it from the GPU.

Given that the Intel setup is more recent and drivers may modify this feature further, it is feasible that the framerates, mainly on the Intel model, will increase even more.


AMD 7 5800H offers 64 GB in terms of memory, whereas Intel Core 11800H offers 128 GB.

The first laptop chipset under comparison uses two maximum memory channels, whereas the second laptop chipset uses two maximum memory channels.

Passmark Score

The four factors that make up the Passmark Score are CPU, MEM, UX, and GPU. The Passmark score gauges the CPU performance.

The performance of a processor’s single thread is measured, and its multi-core performance is assessed using the Passmark score.

Ryzen 7 5800H has a Passmark score of 21534 and Intel 11800H has a Passmark score of 21570.


Intel 11800H

1.It supports DDR4-3200 RAM of up to 128 GB.

2.It has a bigger L3 cache capacity of 8 MB.

3.The Ryzen 7 5800H uses up to 17% more energy than the recent PCI Express version 4.0 (45 vs. 54 Watt).

4.It boasts of a 5% increase in Turbo Boost frequency.

Rayzen 75800H

1.It employs a contemporary manufacturing process: 7 nanometers as opposed to 10 nanometers

2.17.00 to 17.07 GB/s (33 percent ) increased memory bandwidth theoretical


Due to the new Tiger Lake architecture, the performance of the i7-11800H should be comparable to or quicker than that of the Ryzen 7 5800H. The i7 is therefore capable of handling even the most challenging jobs.

Similar to the previous Ryzen 7 4800H, the Ryzen 7 5800H is produced using the cutting-edge 7 nm TSMC technology and has eight cores and sixteen threads. The two are very different due to their underlying microarchitecture.

The newer Zen 3 microarchitecture offering a significant IPC boost states that the increase will be up to 19 percent; however independent evaluations indicate a lesser rise of 12 percent.

Are these processors worth buying?

It is a premium octa-core SoC for gaming laptops and portable workstations. It was introduced in the middle of 2021 and is a member of the Tiger Lake H45 family.

Eight Willow Cove CPU cores are integrated (16 threads thanks to Hyper-Threading). The TDP setting determines the essential clock speed, 2.3 GHz at 45 W.

The maximum speed for a single core may reach 4.6 GHz, while the maximum speed for all cores is 4.2 GHz. The CPU supports DDR4-3200 memory and has 24 MB of Level 3 cache.

Rayzen 7 5800H is a powerful octa-core processor from the Cezanne product family.

It is intended for use in bigger laptops, especially gaming laptops and DTRs, and it was introduced in Q1 2021.

Along with the Vega 8 GPU, the Ryzen has 8 SMT-enabled Zen 3 cores that operate from 3.2 GHz (base clock speed) to 4.4 GHz (maximum Boost frequency available). The L3 cache on the chip is 16 MB in size.

The concluding thought

The Ryzen 7 5800H and Intel i7-11800H CPUs are excellent choices for your next laptop.

Although they are tested using SR memory, upgrading to faster RAM would put the two closer together.

Overall performance is fairly similar, with the newer Intel CPU having a slight advantage. Once more, that is a subject for a later essay.

The AMD platform is more efficient than its Intel equivalents, resulting in more extended operating systems, less power consumption, cooler temperatures, and lower noise levels.

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