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Why Should You Use React.js For Web Development?

Frontend frameworks and libraries are essential in order to run the web development process.

Today, you as a developer, need to create high-performing and responsive web applications in order to make it user-friendly and compact.

React.js is one such front-end web development tool that you can use to achieve the same. It is used by millions of websites worldwide.

If you are into web development, there are chances that in many scenarios, you may be confused about what technology or framework to be used – there are so many available options out there.

React.js stands out among all the available options, and there is a very good reason why. We will talk about the top reasons why you must consider it for your web development.

What is React.js?

It is a JavaScript component library for creating user interfaces for applications and websites.

It gives developers resources to develop a multipurpose and interactive UIs that brings a responsive user interface which can aid in reducing development time.

Developers can create interactive and personalized elements with React.js’ collection of UI components. Using React.js, you can build your application’s View Layer.

ReactJs is maintained by Meta and a wide community consisting of individual developers and companies.

Where and for what can you use React?

React.js is an open-source, multi-purpose library that is widely used by many in front-end development that highly focuses on building user interfaces. You can use React.js for the below requirements:

1. To develop Single Page Applications, also known as SPAs, as they can rewrite as well as update content for a web page. This can be done without the need to refresh or reload the page.

2. React.js works best to develop native mobile apps.

3. Large-scale social media platforms such as Facebook, AirBnb, Instagram, and Reddit make use of ReactJS for their front-end website development requirements. For such similar requirements, you can use React.js.

4. Streaming giant Netflix, the popular Newspaper agency New York Times, and Customer relations system SalesForce use React.js for developing their mobile applications.

Why should you consider using React.js for web development?

Below are some reasons why should you consider using React.js for web development:


React is exceptionally flexible. As soon as you learn it, you would be able to build superior user interfaces on a wide range of platforms.

Despite being a library, React has evolved into an impressive tool because of its library approach.

React was developed with the aim to generate components for a variety of web applications.

Over the years, the ecosystem has gradually grown to overlay thousands of use cases. It was possible because of the flexibility React.js offers.

It has reusable components:

One of the biggest advantages of using React is that the components are independent and many bits of code are reusable.

You can provide input, and the components will then return an element of rendered HTML. Apart from this, you can use them as a basic JavaScript function, a JavaScript class that makes use of a render method.

Each component of React which has been developed by the team can be used in different portions of the web application.

Additionally, you can also generate wrapper components which provide reusability and structure.

In general, when a system upgrades and it uses reusable components, there are a lot of issues that arise.

However, with React, management of updates is very simple for developers since all the components are quite isolated. Also, making a change in one does not mean that it will carry forward to others.

Easy to learn and mature:

Another reason to use React.js is the library’s fully optimized development interface as well as regularly updated coding language.

It has lightweight APIs that are strengthened with speedily-performing capabilities to achieve an accomplished and hassle-free workflow.

The components and concepts of React are quite simple to figure out, since there is not a major learning curve present.

Unlike many other widely used frameworks, like Angular and Vue, there is no stream of extra HTML attributes.

Error checking and Efficient Debugging:

In React.js, information can be inherited from parent components and it is called props.

Basically, props are immutable articles, meaning their value cannot be changed or modified by the child components due to the unidirectional data flow in React.

This feature makes the code consistent and stable as any child components’ changes will not affect the parent or sibling components.

You have to update the state to modify an object. React.js automatically alters the valid details to maintain consistency.

Due to the unidirectional data binding, debugging and error-checking are more efficient in React.js. It provides higher control over the data access of components.

High performance, virtual DOM:

React offers remarkably quick rendering capacities by virtualizing and keeping DOM in memory.

By comparing former and current virtual DOM states, the specialized diff algorithm is used. In order to minimize the amount of updates required, it calculates the most efficient way of applying new changes.

The performance is boosted as a minimum quantum of updates which are introduced to achieve the fastest read/write time.

DOM changes tend to slow down the system, and hence by virtualizing DOM, the mentioned changes are minimized. They are then optimized intelligently.

React Hooks:

It is a feature that enables JavaScript developers to write states and other features in function components. Using Hooks, developers do not have to work with complicated classes anymore.

They can easily manage state logic between components, share data with components without props and classes and co-locate similar logic in a single component.

JSX syntax:

It allows you to utilize the declarative HTML syntax directly in JavaScript code. Browsers decode HTML texts to show the user interface.

They do it by building DOM trees, which can then be manipulated using JS to create interactive UI. Manipulation of DOMs becomes more efficient using JSX.

Wider community support:

Since its launch, React’s popularity has fully developed steadily, and today it has an enormous active community. The GitHub Repository has more than 164K stars. On GitHub, ReactJS has one of the top 5 repositories.

It was voted as the 2nd most popular web framework for professional developers in 2020. On StackOverflow, you can find over 250k questions asked about React and related libraries.

There are cases where you do not have to create your own components. There are many mature and free component libraries already available online.


React.js is an excellent tool that helps you create interactive applications for web, mobile, and other platforms.

We have stated only some reasons to use it for web development, there are many more, and you must explore them before making a decision to hire Indian developers to build React projects.

It is the perfect choice for developers looking for an easy-to-use and highly productive JavaScript framework. It offers state-of-the-art functionalities that are something every web application needs.

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