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Big Reasons Experts Are Using React in 2022

Big Reasons Experts Are Using React in 2022

To highlight the key reasons for using React today, let’s first take a quick look at what the product is and what its features are.
So, the concept of React is understood as a JavaScript library that is used in creating a user interface.

In turn, JavaScript is a one-of-a-kind programming language that is designed to describe elements and their behavior on browser pages. It makes pages interactive.

If we consider everything that has been said in practice, then the work of JavaScript will be displayed in elementary user actions, for example, if he clicks on the “Publish” button or simply switches to another page with a mouse click.

Let’s move on. A library is a code, that is created by other developers. Often React is called a framework, although this one is not entirely correct.

This is easy to explain: the code from the framework uses the code of the creator in itself, and the code from the library is used by the developer in his product.

Under the user interface we mean everything that is displayed in front of the user who visits the site, mobile application, chat bot, etc.

Thus we have already understood the concepts. Now we can move on to the reasons why the React product, created by the Facebook programming team, has become so popular at the present time in developer circles.

Top 8 reasons why React is in demand in 2022

React has a lot of benefits that come in the form of useful product features and capabilities. They became the main reasons for the popularity of React JS today. Let’s list them:

1. Smooth learning curve:

The Rich Library is considered simple and straightforward to learn. Thanks to the smooth learning curve, it will be easier to work with it from scratch than, for example, with Angular, which is its analogue.

For those who are already familiar with the basics of HTML-CSS, it will also be easier to switch to React. When migrating from another library, it will be more difficult, as many tools will be new due to the availability of innovative features and solutions in this library.

2. Big community:

This library was developed by Jordan Walke and its important advantage is that it is open source. Over the years of its existence, thousands of programmers managed to work with it, who created a lot of tools and interesting software solutions.

Many different user-created applications have been contributed to the library. This allows each developer to access a huge number of expert solutions that allow them to solve any problem.

3.Reusable components:

ReactJS uses code snippets of an independent type that are used multiple times. Any Rich element created can be reused in other parts of the application.

4. Virtual DOMS:

Turning to reactjs web development company, you can be sure that the finished work will be performed at the highest level, taking into account this opportunity.

Let’s consider it in more detail. DOM is an interface through which you can see the XML or HTML code in a tree image.

The web browser creates a model such that each element of the code can be viewed as a node in this tree.

And every time when there is a need to make changes to the code, the DOM tree has to be changed too. It takes a lot of effort and time. This is where virtual DOMS comes to the rescue.

5. JSX: 

The function is a syntax extension for JavaScript. It was introduced into the library to extend the functionality of HTML elements in JavaScript. If you use JSX, the need to create separate JS and HTML codes disappears.

6. Data flow in one direction:

Downward anchoring helps to give stability and consistency to the code.


This is a standalone JavaScript library that React users use to extend the control capabilities of the library.

8. Hooks and Hooks:

Help to optimize work in Rich. With some tools, like React use Reducer, or react-redux hooks, their work can be combined and used together.

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