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How Monitored CCTV Systems Protected Our Home And Businesses from Potential Intruders

How Monitored CCTV Systems Protected Our Home And Businesses from Potential Intruders


Monitored CCTV security systems are a growing industry, but many people are still confused as to what Monitored CCTV means. Basically, Monitored CCTV is when a security system is controlled or monitored by a qualified individual, such as an alarm company.


The individual then watches the CCTV for a specified period of time and reports back to the security company. There are three types of Monitored CCTV; Wireless-eye, Infrared and Digital CCTV.

Ways Monitored CCTV Systems Protected Our Home And Businesses

Monitored CCTV security solutions provide an extremely cost effective way of protecting premises from potential intruders. Many times, this cost savings results in the loss of less property damage, and a lower level of staff injuries.


Monitored CCTV also reduces the risk of stolen possessions because, if an intruder attempts to break in, they will often be detected before they are able to enter. It is important to remember though that if the alarm is triggered and the camera shows no sign of activity, the premises are still protected by CCTV security solutions.


Many times, businesses and homes are protected by Monitored CCTV systems with the use of CCTV video recording equipment. This equipment, which can be as small as a security camera or as big as a computer, can then be linked to a monitor and so.


if an alarm is triggered it will show on the monitor – showing the intruder and the police what has happened. If the intruder ignores the warning and still enters the property, the same footage will be recorded and sent to an off-site technician who will attend the scene and assess the situation.


In some cases, the intruder may already be arrested and the police can notify the security company and the security officer at the scene.


Monitored CCTV security systems can be set up to show the intruder and the police for their actions on the monitors as soon as they break in, before they have a chance to escape. This gives businesses and homes greater peace of mind, which means that they can go about their daily activities knowing that their home and business are safe.


The best part about these Monitored CCTV systems is that they are very easy to install because most do not require any modifications to the structure of the property or its current wiring system. This means that they can easily be added onto any property.


However, Monitored CCTV systems can also be used off-site. These are installed by a security firm to monitor the perimeter of a building or any other commercial or residential property. Off-site Monitored CCTV systems give homeowners and business owners the peace of mind that their homes and properties are safe from potential intruders.


These Monitored CCTV systems can be installed on the buildings’ perimeter by a security professional, or they can be installed by a remote cctv monitoring company.


Monitors are hooked up to a remote control panel, which enables them to view the property they are monitoring. The remote monitoring equipment enables them to activate motion detectors and microphones in order to capture images of whatever is in the area.


Images are sent to the monitor via a telephone line or a computer line that is connected to the security system. Once an image is captured by the monitoring equipment it can be viewed by the on-site security personnel. If an intruder is identified, the monitor can then contact the police or emergency services for further assistance.


Remotely monitor a property by installing a Monitored CCTV system on the premises. The monitor can either be on site or off-site. If on-site, a Monitored CCTV system can enable on-site guards to patrol a premises. Off-site guards can then login to a secure remote monitoring account and see what is going on in the property they are guarding.


The cost of a Monitored CCTV system depends on the number of premises to be covered and the complexity of the installation.


Some Monitored CCTV systems can be installed remotely through a computer or a phone call. By using a computer the monitor can be controlled from anywhere in the world. When a person is at work and uses a computer, they are most likely to be at their desk or sitting in their office.


When an intruder enters a premises, if they are using a computer then it will be easy for them to be detected because they will stand out in the loud lighted environment. In a case where a Monitored CCTV system is used off-site then the monitor can be remotely operated from a mobile phone or a personal computer.

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