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What Report Shows the Percentage of Traffic That Previously Visited a Website?


The first question that I would ask when talking about what report shows the percentage of traffic that previously visited a website is “Is the report for real?”

This is what I mean by real because if the owner of the website has not put any effort into keeping it up to date then you can bet that the information shown there is not true.

The fact is, if there were really hard data set out to prove that certain traffic sources are more effective than others, or that some sites draw more visitors that others, or that Google is better than other search engines, nobody would ever make money by providing this type of information.


Websites simply do not compile their own statistics and it would take too long to collect enough data to do such a thing. No website owner wants to have to invest time and resources to produce something like this.


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Which Report Shows the Percentage Of Traffic




The first thing that I look for is consistency. I want to know that the traffic figures presented are correct. If they are not accurate I can quickly find out the source and correct whatever is wrong. This is very important.


2.Traffic Data:


Another thing to check is the source of the traffic data. A lot of websites make their traffic data up themselves. While this may work well for the website owner, it usually doesn’t fare well when being presented in a report.


Chances are the visitor count from one source may be dramatically different than another. This can often result in the presentation of data being misleading.


3. Actual Numbers Being Reported:


Another common problem with what report shows is the actual numbers being reported. You may see a “page Visit Rate” of 4.5%, but when comparing that to what search engine the visitor came from, you may see that the page visit rate is actually much higher.


While this is not necessarily a problem, it should still be brought up when discussing what report is being used. If nothing else, it helps to know exactly what is being presented.


4.Actual Number of Visitors:


The next issue to keep in mind when what report shows is the actual number of visitors.


You would think that, since the majority of visitors are bots, these numbers would reflect what the actual conversion rate is. Not so, as people often come and go from a site.


It is also not the number of actual clicks on a link, but rather the number of times the link has been clicked on. Again, this is important because it can skew the numbers in a negative way.



5.Report Shows Only Certain Parts of the Site


Another issue to keep in mind is that what report shows only certain parts of the site. If a site has a great amount of backlinks, but those backlinks are only visible to a few people, it may not be that relevant, especially if the rest of the world has experienced a great increase in sales.


This is why it is important to use all reports for your website to create a general picture of the performance of the website overall.


If one report is significantly different from the others, it can provide a sign that something is off.


6. Amount of Time a Visitor Spent On the Site


One last issue to keep in mind when what report shows is the total amount of time a visitor spent on the site. You may want to make changes to the design or content of the website, but the time spent may not reflect that, and it can also be an indicator of whether or not the owner really put much effort into making the site as easy to use as possible.


It is important to note that these percentages are only accurate if they show the time frame you actually spent on the site.


If more than half of the visitors never leave, and the rest seem to be very patient, then the percentage may look too high.




Keeping track of what report shows is important if you are an Internet marketer or online business owner.


It is important to know what percentage of your website’s visitors have been in some sort of previous activity, as well as what the average time that they spend on the site is.


The information provided by these reports can help you improve the effectiveness of your website, and the profits of your online business enterprise.

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