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Most Important 9 Things About The Merojax TV* News – Armenian Internet Portal

merojax tv


The Merojax Armenian Internet Portal is a popular portal for Armenians around the world. Merojax offers news, cultural and entertainment information, and classified ads and community forums in Armenian.


Merojax’s mission has been to provide its audience with up-to-date information about Armenia, Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), Diaspora, and other countries with significant numbers of Armenians.


Merojax also features a comprehensive calendar of events in Armenia and abroad, including those organized by Merojax or other organizations.


Why should I Use This Portal?


Merojax can interact using Ask Me Anything (AMA) features that allow for one person who is usually an expert in a particular field like sports or business mentoring others within those fields for Merojax is a portal with honest and reliable information.


Our site caters to the needs of Armenian readers from around the world, providing them with up-to-date news, entertainment, classified ads, and community forums in their native language.
We’re excited to serve our audience!


9 Things You Need to Know About Merojax:


1. Online Community – The Merojax online community includes discussion groups on specific topics where people can meet virtually through messages or live chat sessions.


2.They can also use that portal that ends in Google search results – The site is the second most popular Armenian-language website on Google and has web traffic of over 80,000 page views per month.

3. The Merojax team – There are now 15 members working at Merojax with more than 30 years of experience, Merojax has found success in many fields of journalism or information technology.


4. AJC’s Top Site for 2006 – We were honored to be named the best new media project by AJC (American Jewish Committee) in 2006, thanks to our innovative use of technology and commitment to quality content.


5.Expertise that attracts readers – Our qualified experts cover topics from health care, finance, education, and culture to business strategy, sustainability reporting, and digital marketing; they are often asked.


6.The portal is the first of its kind in Armenia and has been created to serve the needs of Armenians around the world.


7. We provide Armenian news, information, and entertainment that is important for Armenians and people who want to learn more about Armenia.


8. Our goal at Merojax is to connect Armenians with other Armenians from all over the world by providing a place where they can share their thoughts and ideas on topics ranging from politics to culture.


9. To Find More Vis our site or have any questions, please visit us at


What are The Benefits of Using This Site?


-The site is entirely free; there are no hidden charges for membership or advertising.


-It’s easy to use and provides a platform for everyone from beginners to professionals in any field of expertise. You can post an article, blog, video, photo album (or anything else!), and comment on other people’s content, which will create even more opportunities for learning and exchanging ideas with others.


-You will be able to reach audiences worldwide for free, no matter how far away they may live.


What makes This Different Than Other Sites?


-This portal has been created by Armenians -for Armenian-speaking communities around the world. We have designed it so that all users enjoy equal access regardless of their location or device used, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


-Users have complete control over who sees their posts.


How Merojax can Help You with Your Work or Personal Life


-If you are a student or teacher, Merojax can be your virtual classroom. You will have access to information about Armenian history and culture that is not available in other languages.


-You may use this site to find new friends with similar interests.


-The portal has been designed so it’s easy for elementary school children to navigate through the content by themselves without having adults do all of the work.


Various Jobs Available on Our Website and How They Match Up to Your Skillset.


-You can sign up for job alerts that will notify you when a new position becomes available
-How to use the Job Board best and why it is essential.


-If your skills are in demand, then our Job Board is where you need to be looking for work opportunities.


-We have positions at companies worldwide and across various industries, including IT, engineering, technology service providers (TSP), customer support professionals (CRM), etc.


And not only do we post jobs from these industries and human resources/staffing agencies and education institutions that often require those with experience in the Armenian language or other relevant skill sets such as translation services. This way, no matter what area of expertise you’re interested in, merojax.


*The Job Board also includes a feature that’s extremely helpful for those of you searching for work- from jobs in the Armenian language to English, this list will help narrow down what you’re looking for and give you more options, so it’s easier than ever before.*


*Also, with on-page filters which allow users to sort results by country/region, industry type, or keywords – we’ve made sure there are no false positives! *


Learn how Merojax can save time searching through dozens of sites at once and create an account today


We hope you enjoy reading Merojax Armenian blogs as much as we enjoyed writing them!

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