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Has Your Dyson Hair Dryer Stopped Working? Easy Ways to Resolve the Issue

Has Your Dyson Hair Dryer Stopped Working? Easy Ways to Resolve the Issue

A hair dryer is a need in their hair care routine. The Dyson Supersonic is regarded as one of the greatest hair dryers on the market. It can satisfy every hair requirement, making it a top-tier item.

Consequently, we anticipate efficiency, sturdiness, and endurance. However, like everything else, even the finest expensive hair drier occasionally fails for various reasons.

Unfortunately, if your Dyson hair dryer stopped working, diagnosing and solving it may be pretty tricky. How do you fix a Dyson hair dryer that won’t switch on?

Even if you can solve the issue on your own in some circumstances, it’s still conceivable that despite your best efforts, you will need to contact a professional to revive the patient successfully.

Therefore, before contacting Dyson’s after-sales support, you may be interested in resolving these typical hair dryer issues.

Reasons For The Non-Functioning Of The Dyson Hair Dryer Quit Working

While your hair dryer was necessary to complete your brushing, this one is playing up. It switches off and won’t come back on, or it doesn’t switch on at all? This failure is rather often because there are several reasons why the Dyson hair dryer might not start, including the following:

  • A bad power supply
  • The filter clogs, Clogged air ducts,
  • Defective parts like an electronic board, thermal fuse, power cable, motor, or maybe switch
  • Overheatness
  • Tripping of automatic circuit breaker

If any of these possibilities happen, you will need to wait for the device to cool down for around 10 minutes before turning it back on. You should also try to identify its cause to stop the breakdown from occurring again.

How to Fix a Hair Dryer That Won’t Turn On

1.Clean the dryer’s filter

Your Dyson hair drier may have blocked air ducts or filters or stopped functioning, and its lights are blinking red or white. These components tend to overheat the gadget when they are unclean.

Dyson then included a circuit breaker for safety purposes, causing the hair dryer to shut off when the air ducts or filter are blocked.

Then, it will need to be examined for any blockages to get your Dyson hair dryer functioning once again. The following are the manipulations and checks that need to be made:

Ensure that the hair dryer’s air outputs and inlets are free of obstructions. Clean the grilles with a clean, dry, soft cloth if they look unclean.

Make sure the filter is clear. If so, clean the filter of any dust, dirt, and hair. The filter is found below the grey grille at the bottom of the handle.

2.Make sure the filter mesh is thoroughly clean.

You could clean the filter mesh on the hair drier while the filter cage is drying. That mesh is situated just beneath the filter cage.

All you need is the hair dryer’s round cleaning brush for the filter to achieve that. Remove any dust obstructing the filter mesh by wrapping the brush around the mesh.

3.Check the dryer’s power supply.

Another possibility is that your Dyson hair dryer can’t just turn on since it has lost power, even though this can occasionally seem rational. You should only notice a steady light in this scenario.

The power supply your hair dryer is plugged into will need to be tested for functionality. For that, though :

• Don’t use your hair dryer on the same power outlet as another assistive equipment. Call an electrician to fix the installation in your home if the socket stops functioning.

• Verify that the electrical panel’s fuse hasn’t blown or been tripped by the hair dryer. If so, the power grid has discovered an electrical overload issue.

Then, it will be required to determine whether the component in question has an electrical overload.

Then see whether using the hair dryer trips the circuit breaker. If so, you must immediately cease using the hair dryer and contact a qualified maintenance specialist because a short circuit might be harmful.

Disconnect the power strip to avoid voltage fluctuations and electrical noise. You should plug in robust electrical devices like your Dyson hair dryer.

4.Reset the ALCI Plug

The plug may occasionally be the root of your Dyson dryer’s malfunction, especially if the lights are not working.

The blow dryer will immediately turn off if you unintentionally press the plug’s “test” button; to restart, you must reset the ALCI plug.

Turn off and disconnect your hair dryer before resetting the ALCI. And then click the “reset” button. In some instances, the issue is not brought on by the dryer itself, so you can also try using the other plug socket to diagnose the problem.

5.Test its parts by calling the professionals

And finally, if your Dyson hair dryer won’t turn on, it could be because one of its internal parts has failed. In this instance, only owners of electrical dwellings are eligible for handling.

Since individual users rarely have access to replacement parts, you will need to dismantle the device and examine, test, and replace each component.

You run the risk of electrocuting yourself in addition to irreparably damaging your hair dryer. Call a professional if you need more skills.

The Bottom Line

As soon as you’ve taken the appropriate action to fix the issue, the lights on the hair dryer will cease flashing. If you’ve tried everything and they’re still flashing, you’ll need to speak with Dyson directly for additional assistance.

Flashing lights that won’t go out are signs of a much more severe issue with the Dyson hair dryer that you can’t solve alone. An experienced expert will therefore need to diagnose and resolve the issue on your behalf.

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