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Arlo vs Eufy: Choosing the Right Home Security System

Arlo vs Eufy: Choosing the Right Home Security System

In recent years, there has been a greater prevalence of using home security cameras with the growing crime rates and the requirement to maintain vigilance over your home in your absence.

For peace of mind, having security cameras is highly recommended. Arlo and Eufy, both prominent companies, offer cameras with diverse capabilities.

What is your preference among the remarkable home security solutions from Arlo and Eufy? We’ll be examining the specifications, capabilities, and costs of each brand’s cameras to aid you in making a knowledgeable choice.

Whether you are seeking a basic model or one with more advanced features, we will aid you in choosing the top camera by comparing Arlo vs Eufy.

Arlo: Overview and Features

A well-known name in the home security sector, Arlo is renowned for its dependable and feature-rich products.

Their systems have excellent wireless cameras, motion detection, and simple cloud storage options. Arlo offers a range of camera models suitable for indoor and outdoor use, catering to various surveillance needs.

Eufy: Overview and Features

Eufy, a relatively newer player in the market, has quickly gained popularity for its affordable yet high-quality home security solutions.

Eufy’s systems boast advanced A.I. technology, local storage options, and user-friendly interfaces. They offer both wired and wireless camera models, ensuring installation flexibility.

Enlisting key differences

Video Quality and Resolution

Arlo and Eufy provide exceptional video quality, capturing clear and detailed footage. Arlo offers up to 4K Ultra H.D. resolution in their high-end models, while Eufy delivers up to 2K resolution.

The difference in resolution may not be noticeable for most users, but those who require the utmost clarity might lean towards Arlo.

Field of View

The field of view (FoV) determines the camera’s cover area. Arlo and Eufy cameras typically offer a wide-angle view, allowing you to monitor larger spaces with fewer cameras.

Arlo’s cameras generally provide an FoV of 130 degrees, whereas Eufy’s cameras offer a slightly wider angle at 140 degrees. This slight variation might be advantageous for those aiming to cover more ground.

Night Vision Capability

Both home security options excel in providing clear video footage during nighttime. Their cameras utilize infrared technology to capture detailed images even in complete darkness.

Arlo’s night vision range typically extends up to 25 feet, while Eufy offers a range of up to 33 feet. If you require monitoring in larger areas during nighttime, Eufy’s extended range might be beneficial.

Motion Detection and Alerts

Efficient motion detection is crucial for a home security system, as it alerts you of suspicious activity. Arlo and Eufy employ advanced motion detection algorithms to minimize false alarms.

Arlo’s cameras use pixel-based motion detection, while Eufy utilizes AI-powered algorithms for more accurate detection. Both systems send real-time alerts to your mobile device.

Two-Way Audio

Having two-way audio capability allows you to communicate with people near the camera. Arlo and Eufy offer this feature, enabling you to listen and speak through the cameras remotely.

Whether you want to greet a visitor or warn off an intruder, the two-way audio functionality provides added convenience and security.

Storage Options

Arlo and Eufy offer different storage options to store your video recordings. Arlo provides cloud storage options, allowing you to access your footage from anywhere with an internet connection.

Eufy, on the other hand, emphasizes local storage with built-in microSD card slots in their cameras. This approach provides additional data privacy and avoids subscription costs.

Installation and Setup

Both of them offer user-friendly installation processes. Arlo’s wireless cameras are battery-powered, making them easy to install without wiring.

Eufy provides both wired and wireless options, catering to different preferences. The setup for both systems can be done using their respective mobile apps, providing step-by-step guidance.

Mobile App and Remote Access

Arlo and Eufy offer intuitive mobile apps that allow you to monitor your cameras remotely. These apps provide real-time access to live video feeds, motion alerts, and settings customization.

Arlo’s app is known for its user-friendly interface, while Eufy’s app offers advanced features such as customizable activity zones and facial recognition (in select models).

Integration with Smart Home Devices

Both integrate with various smart home devices, enhancing your home automation experience. Popular platforms like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit are compatible with Arlo.

For voice control and interaction with other smart devices, Eufy, on the other hand, supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

These both home security system offer different pricing structures and subscription plans. Arlo’s systems are generally priced higher but include free cloud storage for a limited time.

Eufy’s systems are more budget-friendly, emphasizing local storage options with no mandatory subscription fees. Consider your long-term storage needs and budget when comparing their pricing models.

Customer Support and Warranty

They prioritize customer satisfaction by offering reliable customer support and warranty coverage. The support options provided by Arlo include email, online chat, and phone.

Additionally, they provide one- to two-year warranties, depending on the product. Eufy offers similar support options and warranties, ensuring assistance throughout your ownership experience.


Choosing between Arlo and Eufy ultimately depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Arlo is the best option for excellent video quality, various capabilities, and an easy smart home device connection.

Conversely, Eufy provides affordable solutions, including local storage possibilities and intuitive user interfaces. Make a well-informed decision to secure your house by evaluating your priorities.


Can I access my Arlo or Eufy cameras remotely?

Yes, both Arlo and Eufy provide mobile apps that allow remote access to your cameras.

Do Arlo and Eufy offer cloud storage options?

Arlo offers cloud storage, while Eufy focuses on local storage with microSD card slots.

Which brand has better night vision capability?

Eufy generally offers a slightly longer night vision range compared to Arlo.

Are Arlo and Eufy cameras easy to install?

Yes, both brands provide user-friendly installation processes, with wireless options available.

Do Arlo and Eufy offer warranty coverage?

Both brands provide warranty coverage for their products, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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