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Dusseldorf: 8 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip

Dusseldorf: 8 tips to get the most out of your trip

Düsseldorf is an interesting holiday destination, not many tourists know about it and therefore not many people come to it, relative to Paris for example. And that’s fine! Consider yourself almost a pioneer who can enjoy the true flavour of the city, without all the tourist traps.

In this article, we will tell you about the places to go to get the most out of your trip. Since this city is more famous for its business side, perhaps you are travelling on a business trip (in which case you may also find this article useful, you can take some of the places we are going to write about today to visit them when you are not in a business meeting).

But before we get to the article, a useful tip: Dusseldorf is quite an expensive city, so solving some organisational issue, for example transport, can be quite expensive.

Therefore, we advise you to book your Dusseldorf airport transfers at a favourable fixed price and not to think about problems. Now let’s get started.

Climb the Rheinturm

This is a local landmark in Düsseldorf, with a height of 240.5 metres. From here you have a marvellous panoramic view of the city and can enjoy the atmosphere around you.

Highly recommended as it is one of the places that is the city’s calling card. Any tourist who has travelled, at least for the first time to Düsseldorf, should go there.

Kunstsammlung Art

Admire the Kunstammlung Art , there are collections with two areas. K20 is the 20th century and K21 showcases art from the 80s to the present day.

We advise you to check out In Orbit by artist Tomás Saraceno. It is a giant construction that looks very much like a spider web and weighs in space , the work was presented in the year 21 and as you can see belongs to K21. On this three-dimensional web you can walk and cross.

What is the point of instagram? You should realise and explore in detail the concept of freedom, understand what an incredible gift it is to have freedom and appreciate such a concept as social architecture.

To tell you the truth, this place is very interesting, there is a lot to think about and if you are an art lover, you should 100% come here.

Try a local beer

Alt is a famous and very tasty local beer in Düsseldorf, remember in the first paragraph we wrote about the colour? Well, now it’s time to experience it even more, we recommend you to try this beer.

Even if you are not a fan of such beverages, you should still do some sampling, because this is a natural, odorous and traditionally brewed beer.

A few more words about the peculiarities of this particular beer, it will probably be higher in bitterness than usual – but the flavour is as balanced as possible. You will want to try it again and again!

Lots of cycling

It seems like such a simple activity – cycling. Why go to another city to do it? Believe me, in Düsseldorf it 100% makes sense, because this city offers the best conditions for it, there are 700+ kilometres of bike paths – you can see many places in the city by bike, make a little tour for yourself.

So we advise you to rent a bike, make a route for yourself, for example through the basic historical sites of Düsseldorf – and get on your way!

Experience a winter fairy tale

Since it’s winter, there’s a great option to find yourself practically visiting Santa Claus, just go to the Christmas market in Düsseldorf.

This design of small wooden houses, small stalls with very tasty souvenirs, nice Christmas lights – all this is very warming to the soul. So we highly recommend you to visit this place! It is possible to go shopping in the Köningsallee

Since we’ve already talked above about fairs and indirectly about shopping + the New Year is coming up, it makes sense to go to the Köningsallee, one of the most popular streets in Düsseldorf. Here you will find literally any item (of clothing) you want.

A chic alley, aesthetic canal with bridges, unique design, a lot of squares and parks and imagine, all decorated in New Year’s theme. It will be a very pleasant shopping and cool emotions.

After shopping you can have a rest and a snack in one good place called Lutter & Wegner. It is a German restaurant with a very long history that cooks German traditional dishes.

It will be very atmospheric, you are sitting on the most luxurious and one of the oldest streets in Germany (Köningsallee, founded in the 19th century) in the oldest restaurant Lutter & Wegner, enjoying German national dishes! It is a paradise for everything!

Benrath palace and park

This place and in general this item will appeal to people who like to delve into history while travelling, to walk and look at new old places, no matter how absurd it sounds. + it will also complement the point about cycling, because you can calmly pass by this place and after this point pay attention to it.

The palace is located in the south of the city and was founded in the 18th century – feel the history, breathe it in and watch time slow down.

Hofgarten Green Zone

The Hofgarten completes our top places, it is a natural corner of the city of Düsseldorf (the most natural, because the city itself is quite green) and this despite the fact that it is a very large industrial area in Germany!

The garden is relatively small – 28 hectares – and not far away from it will be the modern street life again, with boutiques and shopping centres.

It is a great place to organise picnics, relax with animals and just to be alone with your thoughts. There is also a small pond with geese (but you can’t feed them).

Basically, after a very busy day, this place is 100% suitable for you if you decide to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In this article were presented places that will brighten up your stay in a fairly new city in Germany for tourists.

Maybe there is no Oktoberfest or picturesque carnival like in Cologne – but it is a new experience, new emotions, interesting places and its own unusual flavour! Explore!

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