Logitech G29 vs G923- What is the Distinction Between the Two Range of Wheels?

Logitech G29 vs G923- What is the Distinction Between the Two Range of Wheels?

Are you looking for a new gaming wheel? Are you wondering whether to get the Logitech G 923 or the Logitech G 29? Well, they both look pretty similar, don’t they? But is their performance equal? Let us clear things up once and for all.

The two gaming wheels come from the same family – the Logitech G family. They are very similar in terms of design, features, and quality.

Even though they look almost identical, these two wheels differ slightly in price and specification.

In my opinion, the Logitech G923 has better build quality compared to the Logitech G29. It comes with rubberized grips that give extra grip to the gamepad. On top of that, it also comes with LED lights that light up during gameplay.

Regarding specs, the Logitech G29 only offers two programmable buttons. That means, the player won’t be able to assign other functions to them.

Introducing the two gaming wheels- Logitech G29 and G923

A long-time leader in the low-cost racing wheel market is Logitech. They have a long history of successful racing wheels, starting with the earlier G25 and ending with the G27. The G29, the most recent in a lengthy history of racing wheels, was introduced in 2015.

The G29 was Logitech’s newest kind of racing wheel. Adding to the confusion, Logitech simultaneously announced the G920. In essence, the G920 was the racing wheel for Xbox, while the G29 was the PlayStation wheel.

The Logitech G923 replaced the famous Logitech G29 gaming racing wheel in 2020. The two’s only distinguishing features are the wheel’s color scheme, TRUE FORCE function, and the dual-clutch, which are the hallmarks of the Logitech G923; thus, they are more alike than distinct.

To assist you in selecting the best product or, if you already possess the G29, determining if it is worthwhile to upgrade to the G923, we analyze the two most popular game racing wheels.

Analyzing the differences between the both

Design and Construction

Except for the various logos they sport and their color scheme, the controls and buttons on the two devices have the same design.

While the G29 still sports the PlayStation emblem and a few scattered silver elements, the G923 has the all appearance with the Logitech logo in the middle.

The earlier Logitech G29’s hand-stitched leather appears more excellent than the G923’s, which has a lot of wrinkles.

Force Feedback

The double force feedback with Trueforce is the standout feature of the more recent Logitech G923. As a result, the racing experience is more natural and has a tactile vibrating sensation.

Thanks to Trueforce, it has force feedback that seems more detailed and sophisticated than the G29s.

On a real race track, the feedback inputs between the two game racing wheels may not seem all that different, but on other surfaces, such as gravel and mud, the disparity in road surface experience becomes apparent.


The pedals of both the Logitech offerings are identical. The newer G923’s progressive spring, less rigid than the G29’s, is the only distinguishing feature. The G923’s progressive spring makes modulating brake inputs simpler.

Even though the G29 may be firmer, you can obtain progressive spring brakes from a third party to aid with the braking input.

The double launch assist on the G923 is another characteristic that can be customized using the G HUB.

You may do this by depressing the LSB button on the steering wheel and simultaneously stepping upon that clutch pedal. The Logitech G29 cannot be programmed to do this.


With the more recent Logitech G923, compatibility isn’t a significant problem. Simply select the console version you want, and your G923 will function right out of the box.

No matter whose console you choose to use to simulate a race, the wheel has an almost identical appearance and functionality.


Both wheels come with a wide range of buttons. You’ll find all the standard controls like volume up/down, mute, pause, etc. Buttons are placed strategically around the wheel so that you won’t miss anything.

G29: While G923 has a total of 12 buttons, G29 only has 10. That means you’ll need to press the button twice to activate it.

For example, pressing the mute button once will turn off the sound entirely, while pressing it again will mute the game.


This is where things start getting interesting. These wheels are made of plastic and metal, respectively. So how do they compare?

G29: This is the most durable wheel. It has a lifetime warranty meaning you can return it within 3 years of purchase if it breaks down. On top of that, it’s sturdy and doesn’t wobble even when you spin it fast.

G923: This wheel is made of plastic, so it’s not as durable as G29. However, it still lasts longer than other wheels. If you don’t mind spending extra money, you can opt for a wheel that’s made of metal instead.


If you’ve ever played video games, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Playing for long hours can make your hands cramp up. To prevent this, you need to rest your wrists on something soft.

G29: Its soft cushioning material, G29 provides comfort for your wrists. Its padding is thick enough to keep your wrist steady without feeling too heavy.

G923 does not have this feature. Instead, it uses a rubberized surface to provide grip.

This may work well for people who prefer playing on flat surfaces, but it might not be ideal for those who enjoy driving games.

Which racing wheel to buy?- The Final Verdict

The Logitech G29 is more cost-effective till more games support True force.
We advise delaying upgrading to the Logitech G923 for the time being if you presently own the G29 and don’t mind giving up True force feedback.

If your preferred racing game offers True force feedback, and you don’t mind paying extra for this feature alone, the G923 may be the only worthwhile upgrade.

The G923’s improvements over the earlier race wheels were sufficient to justify the £20 higher price. It is a much more complete wheel thanks to the dual-clutch system,

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