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Logitech vs Thrustmaster- Which is the more sturdy wheel?

Logitech vs Thrustmaster- Which is the more sturdy wheel?

Are you looking for a good wheel at a reasonable price? Logitech G920 Racing Wheels are some of the most affordable wheels and of excellent quality. What about Thrustmaster wheels?

These two brands are probably the biggest names in gaming peripherals out there. They’re both well-respected manufacturers with decades of experience under their belts. Both companies offer plenty of top-quality options for budget gamers.

Logitech has had a long history of producing high-quality racing wheels and controllers. Their wheels are relatively inexpensive and often feature adjustable suspension systems.

If you plan to race professionally or simply enjoy playing games at home, these wheels are great choices.

Thrustmaster, on the other hand, was founded way back in 1985. Since then, they’ve focused primarily on developing racing simulation games.

As such, they specialize in creating premium steering wheels and pedals. If you want something durable and reliable, these are your go-to choice.

Offerings from Logitech and Thrustmaster Expounded

Let’s start by briefly outlining some crucial information concerning these wheels that you must be aware of if you are examining them seriously.

The G920 and G29 are on Logitech’s side of the equation. These items now retail for between $200 and $230.

So what makes them different from one another? The G29 is usable with the Playstation and PC; however, the G920 is only compatible with Xbox and PC. Their somewhat varied looks are the other significant distinction between them.

It’s crucial to remember that despite their variations in style and console connectivity, they all have identical internal mechanics and so function identically on a track; it only depends on whether you’re using a Playstation or Xbox.

With just one additional step, the scenario on Thrustmaster’s side is nearly identical. You see, Thrustmaster sells the T150 and the TMX for $200.

In this case, the TMX is compatible with PC and Xbox, whereas the T150 is suitable with PlayStation and PC.

Again, from a design standpoint, they appear to be somewhat different, but because they share the same fundamental processes, they both function identically in games.

The Pro variants of these wheels are available from Thrustmaster for an extra $50, which makes their products different.

For $250, you will thus acquire the identical wheel as you would with the non-pro variants, but rather than the standard pedals, which arrive with the non-pro models, you will gain the T3PA pedal set.

Perks of investing in Logitech wheels

Clearly stated, the wheels from Logitech are built better overall. It feels and looks far better than Thrustmaster’s products’ primary rubber encircling material because of the genuine leather hand-stitched across the wheel.

Additionally, it has a steel center plate instead of the plastic center plate seen on the T150 and TMX, which makes the wheel seem and feel considerably higher quality.

Offers an exclusive racing experience

The driving force shifter from Logitech costs $60 and has an H-pattern shifter to boost your virtual racing experience. Depending on your needs, you may use this by plugging it straight into the G29 or G920.

The T-H8A, a far higher-quality but more costly h-pattern shifter from Thrustmaster, is also available. It costs around $180.

Therefore, while the Logitech wheels will cost you about $60 to have a manual experience, the TMX and T150 will cost you around 3 times as much.


Most people would agree that Logitech’s products are more sturdy and will last more than Thrustmaster wheels.

But once more, it is simply what people have heard; they cannot confirm or refute it based on their own experiences.

High-quality pedals

The pedals in Logitech’s products significantly outperform the non-pro variants of the Thrustmaster.

The basic pedals with the non-pro Thrustmaster wheels feature a pitiful plastic 2 pedal set that seems intended for kids under 12, whilst these pedals include metal pedal plates, and clutch pedals, that are somewhat adjustable, carpet spikes, and a few other significant features.

Offers hard mounting

While the Thrustmaster T150 and TMX lack complex mounting options on the wheel. The LogitechG920 and G29 allow firm attachment on the wheel and pedal combo.

This implies that the Thrustmaster T150 and TMX and Logitech wheels must be used with the table clamp included with the specific sim racing wheel stand, whereas the Logitech wheels may be quickly and firmly mounted with bolts.

For most people, that’s not a significant concern, but for some, it can be; because they are starter wheels that won’t be utilized with wheel supports.

Perks of buying Thrustmaster wheels

Stronger feedback

The Thrustmaster TMX’s and T150’s most robust and precise feature is its greater and more accurate force feedback.

This is made possible by housing a hybrid belt-pulley and gear force feedback system, which performs better than the gear system within the Logitech wheels.

Overall, in a user experience, he was able to adjust the resistance higher and felt greater accuracy on the T150 and TMX than he ever could on the Logitech G920 and G29.


The Thrustmaster offerings are quieter than the Logitech offering, which not only performs better but also lets your neighbors know that you’re hot riding the Nordschleife once more.

With the T150, drivers enjoy greater freedom of movement thanks to its large diameter hub, allowing the wheel to rotate effortlessly.

In addition, the T150 incorporates a dual touchpad with adjustable sensitivity levels, an advanced OLED display, and more buttons than ever before. The T150 is available in three finishes: black, red, and silver.

Varied add-on accessories

Thrustmaster, a maker of sim racing hardware, sells load handbrakes, cell pedals, h-pattern shifters, sequential shifters, and other accessories that may be used with the T150 and TMX.

In contrast, Logitech exclusively sells its H-pattern shifter as an add-on. I take that back a bit, though, because I believe many of those accessories may be used in addition to a Logitech wheel.

In addition to looking more sociable, the paddle shifters on the Thrustmaster offerings feel better when depressed since they have a somewhat more tactile click.

Superior pedals

In comparison to the Logitech pedals, which have a powerful brake, the T3PA pedals are preferable if you choose the pro editions of the TMX and T150.

In my experience, the table clamp with the Thrustmaster wheels does a better job than the table clamps that come with the G29 and G920. It securely holds the wheel in place.

The Bottom Line

The Thrustmaster options provide a little more force feedback, but they also fall far short in terms of overall quality compared to Logitech’s basic three-pedal pedal set.

You can opt for the ladder over a wheel with greater force feedback but a generally more excellent appearance over a wheel with slightly lower performance.

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