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Logitech G920 vs G923- How do They Differ From Each Other?

Logitech G920 vs G923- How do They Differ From Each Other?

Many consumers can mistake the Logitech G920 and Logitech G923 game racing wheels because their model numbers sound too close. From a distance, even their design appears too identical.

How do they vary then? While the wheels are similar, the main difference between them is that the G920 has three buttons and the G923 only has one button, although it also has an acceleration pedal.

Overall, the G923 looks better and feels more expensive compared to the G920. Although the G923 wheel is slightly lighter and smaller, it is also less durable than its competitor.

In a nutshell, the compatibility, force feedback, control, and other features of the Logitech offerings vary. Below, we go into further depth on these variations.

Comparing Logitech G920 and G923 based on various factors

Understanding the concept

Logitech G920

The Xbox version of the G29 is the Logitech G920. It is the exact wheel inside. It operates similarly and utilizes the same pedals, maximum power, and motor.

Strangely yet, the G920 looks somewhat different from the outside. Some features of the G29 are inoperable due to Xbox peripheral restrictions. This indicates that it wasn’t required for the G920’s design.

The plus and minus buttons, red rotary dial, and rpm lights are a few elements that were taken out of the G29 for the G920.

Due to this, the G920 is a little less competitive racing wheel than the G29. However, Logitech has no control over this because the Xbox design prevents these extra features from functioning.

Logitech G923

The 2020 introduction of the Logitech G923 saw improvements to the design of the Logitech racing wheel. Additionally, it resolved a few problems with the Xbox-compatible G920.

Whether you choose PlayStation compatible or the Xbox compatible version, the Logitech G923 appears the same at first glance.

Due to the varying peripheral requirements for Xbox and PlayStation, 2 variants may be purchased. However, neither variation differs visually.

Design and Construction

If you look closely, you’ll see that the G923 also has a rev indicator and other on-wheel gaming controls.

The 24-point selection dial on the side, which allows you to modify the torque, brake force, and traction directly from the wheel itself, is absent from the Xbox-compatible G923, even though it has the same Xbox branding as the G920.

The RPM lights situated just above the Logitech logo on the G923 are another distinction in the styling of these racing wheels.

These rev indicators show your RPM range and advise when to change gears. The silver accents seen on the G920 are absent from the newer G923.


Two versions of the G923 are available, one for Xbox and the other for PlayStation. The G923 is compatible with Xbox One S, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

However, on the other hand, the Logitech G920 is not intended for PlayStation gaming systems. It is compatible with Xbox One, PC, and macOS.

Force Feedback

The double force feedback system from Trueforce, which offers a more authentic racing experience, is highlighted by Logitech.

This improvement makes the driving force feedback on the G923 more precise and accurate than on the G920.


The pedals that come with the Logitech G920 and G923 are pretty similar to one another.

The throttle, clutch, and brake pedals are adjustable to the angle that feels most comfortable to you and is constructed of automotive-grade rolled steel.

Even though they appear identical from the outside, the newer G923 has a gradual spring for improved braking input control.

This is an upgrade over the G920’s stiff brake pedal, which many users have lamented.

If you like the G920 but want a more robust brake pedal, you may purchase a progressive spring compatible with third parties.


However, it is essential to note that the Logitech G923 is reasonably priced in this instance. It uses a dual-motor force feedback architecture that stays true to its heritage.

Although it doesn’t quite have a straight drive or even a belt-driven wheelbase, it has a kick when you need it to go around turns or over uneven terrain.

You’ll need that fine-grain input to hit lap times at the ragged edge of sim-racing. You’ll know when a tire is touching the outside edge of the curb or when your left rear scrapes the grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Logitech G920 and G923 differ from each other?

Trueforce technology is the main distinction between the G920 and the G923. The most recent advancement in force feedback technology is Trueforce, available on the G923.

For more accurate, real-time answers, it interfaces directly to the computer – controlled and physics within the game.

2. Is Logitech G923 worth buying than G920?

The G923 is compatible with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The dial and lights are ultimately the only significant physical distinction between the G923 and the G920, and the G923 is otherwise almost similar to the G29.

3. How good is the Logitech G923 gaming racing wheel?

At its pricing point, the Logitech G923 racing wheel performs at a level that is difficult to equal, from the force feedback motors to the brake pedal. It offers an overall experience at least on par with more expensive, modular setups.

4. Which is superior, Thrustmaster or Logitech?

Here are all the reasons why the Thrustmaster T150 and TMX are inferior to the Logitech G923 and G920: Simply, the Logitech wheels are built better overall.

It performs and looks far better than Thrustmaster’s products’ plain rubber rim because of the real leather that is hand-stitched across the wheel.

The Bottom line

It’s challenging to suggest the Logitech G923 above the G920 because its enhancements don’t make up for the extra cost.

Choose the Logitech G923 if you don’t mind spending extra to take advantage of the Trueforce technology, progressive braking pedal, and dual-launch assist.

Perhaps you can take advantage of this function if you frequently play the games that Trueforce supports.

If not, you may save money by purchasing the Logitech G920 and acquiring features comparable to the more recent model.

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