Lucidsound LS31 Wireless- What Makes It a Perfect Gaming Headset?

Lucidsound LS31 Wireless- What Makes It a Perfect Gaming Headset?

Are you looking for wireless headphones? If yes, then LucidSound LS wireless 31 should be on your list. It has a built-in mic and noise-canceling capabilities and comes with a carrying case.

It is a superb gaming headset with lots of control choices. It is comfy for extended gaming sessions and provides respectable audio reproduction.

A dual-microphone setup is also used to capture and accurately transmit your speech.

Unfortunately, the headset doesn’t produce an airtight seal, which is necessary for isolating ambient sounds, and it feels very loose on the head, making it better suited for quiet areas.

On the bright side, its USB dongle decreases latency to a negligible level that you should overlook and owe to its wireless, solid range; you’ll be able to play favorite games from your sofa.

Why is Lucidsound LS31 a highly preferred choice of gamers?

It is a great gaming headset with lots of control choices. It has the good audio quality and is comfortable for extended gaming sessions. Accurate audio recording and transmission are also accomplished using a dual-microphone system.

The USB dongle can reduce latency to a virtually undetectable level. Due to its strong wireless range, you can play games while lounging on your sofa.

What makes these wireless gaming headsets a must-buy option?

Extremely comfortable

You can definetly use this wireless headset for extended periods of gaming comfort. Both the headband and the cups feature substantial cushioning. Considering its large form, this headset is relatively lightweight.

You will find them to be a little tighter due to the rigid ear cups. The over-ear design is perhaps the most significant and straightforward component.

Most gamers prefer over-ear headphones since they provide the most comfortable wearing experience. Its oval over-ear cups are quite comfortable. They are ideal for extended play periods since they are inside made of memory foam.

User-friendly controls

The LucidSound LS31 wireless headset has a good control layout with many choices, which is not at all challenging to operate, like many other headsets. On each cup, there is a dial and a button.

Any audio that comes via the headphones and isn’t from a 3rd voice-chat app is controlled by the left ear cup dial. This means it functions as a volume control for your browser’s sound, music apps, and gaming audio.

Sturdy yet flexible built

It features a metal headband that has a sturdy yet flexible feel. The cups are made of flimsy plastic that appears cheap and might break upon contact.

The hinges, which appear to be made of metal but are plastic with a metallic sheen, won’t last very long.

Decent frequency response

Good consistency in frequency response will be found in the LucidSound LS31. Multiple reseats show slight variation in the treble range, with the largest difference below 10 kHz being just approximately 3 dB.

Across reseats and various human subjects, the bass delivery is likewise relatively constant. We did discover that wearing glasses might disrupt the seal and result in a 6dB decrease at 20Hz, which is not very perceptible.

Amazing microphone performance

The microphone on this gaming wireless headset is another feature that merits recognition. It uses a dual microphone setup that is fairly advanced.

The fully extended microphone, suspended in front of the headset on a flexible boom, is the more noticeable of these two microphones.

The LS31’s second microphone, a more conventional Bluetooth-type microphone, is tucked away on the chassis. It is subtly positioned half an inch above the boom mic and is the size of a pinhole.

With regard to noise cancellation, this setup’s main benefit is evident. Two microphones enable headsets to use data from both to more effectively filter out background noise during transitions.

Beyond that, most players will likely value the availability of multi-microphone monitoring.

Praiseworthy battery life

The headset incorporates a large capacity rechargeable battery with a 20-hour playback time.

The likelihood of completing 20 hours relies on several variables. Several factors ranging from volume levels to how frequently you speak into the microphone. However, with normal use, the LucidSound LS31 approaches the 20-hour milestone.

You could discover that the battery’s overall capacity is nearer to 18 hours if you utilize an open microphone and turn up the volume.

What matters most is that the battery won’t stop you in the middle of the game. Battery problems will not arise as long as you don’t start using it wholly and excessively ignore to recharge it.

‘Extraordinary connectivity

Nowadays, Bluetooth-free headphones like the LucidSound LS31 are uncommon. It communicates over a common USB connection using a universal wireless architecture.

The result is lag-free, uncompressed audio. And completely superior to Bluetooth’s skills in terms of vocal clarity. However, it’s crucial to note that there is no support, so don’t anticipate being able to establish Bluetooth connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is LS31 a reliable headphone?

The LS31 is a terrific high-end headphone in the LucidSound series. Any serious player will find a plethora of features to enjoy. The superior comfort and excellent audio quality readily compensate for the secondary microphone’s unnecessary feel.

2. Should you consider investing in LS31?

The LucidSound LS31 upholds the firm’s reputation for attention to quality, using reliable materials and prioritizing comfort.

Even though the microphone is a little underwhelming, it is still usable for most purposes, and the acoustic experience is superb overall.


There are a few straightforward justifications for selecting the LS31. For the quality of the microphone, perhaps.

It may be because of their polished demeanor, which streamers find appealing. Or it can be for lag-free, uncompressed audio suitable for gamers.

In any way, there is something for everybody in the LS31. You don’t always get what you paid for. A very decent illustration of the idea in action is the LS31.

They come close to having every function a portable wireless gaming headset could have, albeit not having all of them. They’re definitely worth a closer look for anybody who wishes to go cordless and isn’t tied to the Bluetooth standard.

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