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Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Mobile 2GB- Does this graphic card fits well into your gaming setup?

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Mobile 2GB- Does this graphic card fits well into your gaming setup?

Are you looking to upgrade your gaming experience? With its advanced features, the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Mobile 2GB Graphic Card is an ideal choice for gamers looking for a reliable and powerful GPU.

Graphics cards are an essential component of any gamer’s setup. With the right graphics card, many games will run well and at all.

Furthermore, most gamers need their GPUs to be efficient enough to run both today’s popular games and potential future releases.

This is where the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Mobile 2GB Graphic Card comes in. The card utilizes Nvidia’s latest Pascal architecture and state-of-the-art graphic technologies like GeForce Experience or DirectX 12 support, Optimus technology, and G-sync Ready to deliver a smooth gaming experience.

This article will provide details about the comprehensive performance profile of the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Mobile 2GB Graphic Card so that you can make an educated decision on one of the best mobile graphics cards available currently in the market.

What Does 1050 Mean?

The number “1050” usually denotes the graphics card’s model or series for Nvidia GeForce G.T.X. graphics cards. For example, the GeForce GTX 1050 is Nvidia’s GTX line of graphics card models.

Higher numbers typically imply more powerful cards within that specific series. The numbers in the model name usually signify a card’s performance tier or relative power within that series.

Throwing light on Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Mobile 2GB

This graphic card is powered by the Pascal architecture, which is designed to deliver high performance and efficiency.

The card features 640 CUDA cores, 2GB of GDDR5 memory, and a 128-bit memory interface. This combination allows the card to provide up to 3x faster performance than previous generations for smoother gaming experiences.

Why Is Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Mobile On The Top Of The Top

Graphic Card Priority List?

Offers adequate performance

Depending on the laptop’s cooling capabilities, the GeForce GTX 1050’s performance can vary considerably. Under ideal circumstances, it can be just as quick as the desktop model, but the notebook variant is typically a little slower.

The GeForce GTX 960M is outperformed by about 30%, making the GTX 1050 generally equivalent to a GTX 965M. Therefore, it is a higher-mainstream GPU. Games released in 2016 can be played at high settings and in Full HD.

Low power consumption

This graphic card uses around the same amount of power as the previous GTX 960M, making it significantly less powerful than its desktop equivalent, perhaps due to superior component selection and optimization.

This implies that entrance gaming systems with a minimum screen size of 15.4 inches and powerful digital notebooks will typically employ the graphics card.

Which laptop brands use Nvidia GTX 1050 mobile?

In gaming laptops, some of the biggest laptop manufacturers in the world use the GTX 1050 discrete graphics card.

While finding laptops with this GPU is still feasible, most laptops that use the GTX 1050 use the 4GB model rather than the 2GB model.

The Microsoft Surface Book 13.5′′ laptop, which has a Kaby Lake engine from Intel and 16GB of RAM, is one of the finest prices available right now.

Asus is another excellent option with the GTX 1050 2GB. Both the Vivobook Pro N705 and X560 feature the GTX 1050 2GB. Both laptops cost less than $1,000 and include Kaby Lake processors.

How Does This Graphic Card Make The Gaming Experience


The card supports DirectX 12, allowing for improved performance in games designed to take advantage of the latest graphics technologies.

Additionally, the card is G-sync Ready, which can be used with compatible monitors to reduce screen tearing and stuttering.

It offers up to eight times the performance of previous-generation GPUs and features remarkable gaming experiences like Fast Sync and efficient energy usage.

The card also supports DirectX 12, Vulkan, OpenGL 4.5, OpenCL 1.2, and CUDA 7.0, making it compatible with the latest games.

Pros and cons


This Graphic Card features Optimus technology, automatically switching between integrated and discrete GPUs depending on the task. This helps to conserve battery life and reduce power consumption when the card is not in use.

It is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a reliable and powerful GPU. The card’s advanced features make it ideal for running today’s popular games and future releases. With its efficient design and support for DirectX


The most recent and effective performance is required. If you can buy this GPU for a reasonable price, it’s decent, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the most recent high-end models from AMD and Nvidia. If you want the highest frame rates, some graphics cards are superior.

GTX 1050 Specs 

Architecture and GPU Details

The GTX 1050 operates on Nvidia’s Pascal architecture and features a GP107 GPU. This architecture delivers significant performance and power efficiency improvements compared to its predecessors.

CUDA Cores and Clock Speed

Equipped with 640 CUDA cores and a base clock speed of 1354 MHz, the GTX 1050 offers commendable processing power, enabling smooth gameplay and efficient rendering for various applications.

Memory Configuration

The graphics card typically comes with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, although some variants may offer 3GB, providing ample bandwidth for gaming and multimedia tasks.

Interface and Connectivity

Featuring a PCIe 3.0 interface, the GTX 1050 ensures compatibility with modern motherboards. Additionally, it offers multiple display outputs, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI, catering to diverse connectivity needs.

Thermal Design and Cooling System

The GTX 1050 incorporates advanced cooling technology, employing fans/cooling solutions to dissipate heat effectively, ensuring optimal temperature control during prolonged usage.

Temperature Management

Efficient thermal management maintains the GPU’s temperature within optimal ranges, preventing overheating and maintaining consistent performance levels under heavy workloads.


Specifications GTX 1050 (Mobile)
Graphics processor GP107
Shader cores 640
TMUs 40
ROPs 16
Process size 14 nm
Transistors 3.3 billion
L2 cache 1024 kb
Vram type GDDR5
Vram capacity 2 GB
Bus width 128 bit
Graphics clock 1354 MHz
Memory clock 1752 MHz
Pixel rate 23.89 Gpixels
Texture fill rate 59.72 GTexel/s
FP-32 performance 1.911 TFLOPS

What Users are Saying About this Graphic Card? 

The PC version and the smartphone version are nearly the same. The mobile version outperforms the desktop version in theoretical performance benchmarks, which is the only evident difference. 

Users have revealed that selecting a full-size desktop graphics card has many advantages. You can overclock the GPU, it’s easier to upgrade if you’d like, and it has a more extensive and more effective cooling system than the mobile version.

A mobile GPU’s primary drawback is that it is frequently unachievable to replace without purchasing a new laptop.

It is essential to look for gaming laptops with an energy-efficient GPU. With a 75-watt TDP rating, the GTX 1050 mobile is comparable to AMD’s less potent GPUs.

The positive aspect is that it requires very little electricity to operate at a high level.

Your choice of laptop will have a big impact on the cooling system. Real users have also claimed that the mobile version of the GTX 1050 requires even more condensing than the desktop version, which uses a normal heatsink, fans, and dual-slot cooling system.

Most laptops use a thermal design to cool this GPU, but if it is not maintained, you will usually notice greater working temperatures and a potentially shorter lifespan.

Try using a laptop cooling pad if your laptop overheats. If replacing the cooling pad isn’t helping, try replacing the thermal paste between the graphics processor and the heatsink.

Most computers require maintenance after a few years. This won’t be an issue if you get a new laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GTX 1050 Release Date?

October 25, 2016, saw the release of N.V.I.D.I.A.’s mid-range graphics card, the GeForce GTX 1050. The card supports DirectX 12 and was constructed using the 14 nm process. It is based on the GP107 graphics processor in its GP107-300-A1 form.

What exactly is Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Mobile?

It is a discrete graphics card for usage in gaming laptops. Those looking for a reliable entrance GPU for gaming frequently choose it.

Does it offer a decent gaming experience?

It nevertheless provides comparable performance, albeit less excellent than the desktop version. Even though you won’t be playing games in 4K, this card is excellent at running numerous games at full 1080p HD.

What is the average cost of the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Mobile graphics card?

The mobile version of this card depends on the laptop it is in, even though the desktop version’s MSRP was only $109 upon launch. The good news is that most laptops with the GTX 1050 mobile cost under $1,000.

The Bottom Line

Nvidia is widely known for offering gamers excellent gaming and streaming experiences worldwide. Their graphic cards feature technological advancements that bring gaming and video graphics to life.

A mainstream GPU built on the Pascal architecture, the Nvidia GTX 1050 was unveiled in January 2017. The GTX 1050 features the GP107 processor, which Samsung produces using 14 nm technology, in contrast to the faster variants.

Although the clocks in the notebook version are slightly different from those in the desktop version, both versions have 640 shader units. Up to 4 GB of GDDR5-VRAM can be added through a 128-bit interface, and the memory data rate is 7 Gbps.

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