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Shark Vacuum Filter Cleaning – Steps to Enhance the Life of Your Shark Vacuum Filter

How to Enhance the Life of Your Shark Vacuum Filter?

One of the most well-liked vacuum brands on the market is Shark. Most models, which are well regarded for their performance, include numerous filters to catch dust while you vacuum.

Did you know that cleaning your Shark vacuum cleaner and filters is the easiest way to prevent clogs and other issues? Learn how to care for your Shark vacuum and its parts properly.

Cleaning your Shark vacuum gives you peace of mind knowing it will last longer. Knowing how to properly care for it means you don’t have to worry about spending time and money fixing clogged-up components.

Cleaning the vacuum’s filters as instructed will assist preserve your vacuum’s suction power over time so that you get the most tremendous clean every time you clean.

All the filters with the Shark vacuum may be cleaned or washed for subsequent uses, including HEPA filters for models that support them.

Indications that your Shark Vacuum filter needs immediate


Suction loss can happen

A vacuum can become clogged and lose suction if a large, dense mass of hair or a venerable filter has ceased functioning. Regardless of the source, a lack of suction is the first indication that anyone needs a thorough cleaning.

Noticeable dirt left in its wake

The Shark vacuum will never leave a trail of scraps and particles when operating at its best. If it does, it is evident that cleaning is required.

Makes strange sound

If your Shark seems gasping for air, you can be sure it is time for a bath. That is true, after all. And the vacuum’s motor may suffer significantly as a result.

Unpleasant smell

Your Shark vacuum should never emit a foul smell. If it occurs, it is a strong indication that this vacuum needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Steps you need to carry out for the longevity of the shark vacuum


Ensure the vacuum is turned off before disassembling it. Keep it in check here. We’re not referring about unscrewing screws or disconnecting the wiring. Remove the HEPA filter, the foam filters, handle hose, the dust canister, and the lid.

Examine and tidy up the roller brush

A vacuum must include a beater bar to remove dust and dirt from floors and carpets.

The vacuum won’t work well if it can’t turn due to strands or matted hair. To cut through knotted material, use a pair of small manicure scissors. Verify that the roller may move freely.

Thoroughly clean the filters

Shark vacuums have an excellent filtration system that includes a HEPA filter and one or two thick foam filters.

Felt and foam filter

The manufacturer advises against using soap while rinsing the felt and foam filters, so take extra care to avoid damaging them. The foam filter has to be scrubbed and squeezed vigorously to become clean.

After thoroughly cleaning and rinsing, the filter may not regain its original white look. But do not fret.

They’ll be alright, even if they stay discolored, as much as they are not damaged, shattered, or otherwise destroyed.

HEPA filter

The majority of Shark vacuum cleaner models come with an extra HEPA filter. This is situated behind the filter grill on the machine’s bottom front.

To uncover the HEPA filter and remove the filter, gently pull the door off. Rinse the filter thoroughly in fresh water and give it time to dry completely.

At this point, don’t put the filter back in the vacuum. It needs to be entirely dry before you can avoid mildew and mold, and that’s the last thing you want to grow inside a vacuum.

The still-wet filter should be placed on the counter to dry naturally. You might need to stay the night for this.

Verify the hose

Remove the dust container, then detach the hose and look for obstructions. As you scroll down the hose, look for minor cracks or holes affecting the vacuum’s suction.

Remove any blockages by disconnecting the hose from the area close to the vacuum’s head.

Use a garden hose to break apart any obstructions you discover. Work cautiously and gently to avoid cutting the hose.

After cleaning it with a moist microfiber towel, properly reattach

the hose.

Make the spinning brush head clean

To view the revolving brush, place the vacuum on the ground next. To capture the dust and grime, you’re going to discharge, you may put a bag or cloth below.

You will probably notice that the brush is covered with threads, hair, and other materials. That is typical.

You need to cut through whatever has wrapped itself around the brush with scissors.

Because of this, brush cleanup is simple. It might need a slight tugging and pulling but will come off. You wish to restore the revolving brush’s spotless appearance.

Maintain the dust collection bin

Take out the vacuum bin for collecting dust. Put the container’s contents in a garbage can.

Warm water should be used to rinse the trash can, and the interior and exterior of the container should be cleaned with a sponge. Open the bin’s top and detachable bottom sections so the bin can air dry.

Examine the Power Cord

If your Shark vacuum is corded, look for any breaks or exposed wires in the cable. If you spot them, a fix is required.

How frequently should you undertake the cleaning process?

To maintain suction, bins should have been emptied every time they are used or about halfway full.

Each month, the exterior housing should be cleaned of dust, and the hoses and rollers should be examined for tangles, obstructions, or breakage.

Each product’s instruction booklet has precise advice on maintaining and cleaning your filters.

Concluding thought

Shark Vacuums are made of stainless steel and are equipped with large suction heads, allowing them to pick up heavy debris quickly.

The blades are strong enough to clean the entire surface area of your room, leaving no mess behind.

The dirt canister is probably not being emptied regularly enough. Consider what enters the dirt canister and what is filtered into the filters.

It consists of food scraps, other organic materials, and dirt and residues from the outside.

Leaving that material in the dirt canister will serve as a breeding site for germs and mold, which might lead to unpleasant odors.

They feature removable filters, making replacing them easier after every use. The filtration system ensures that only air passes through the unit, eliminating harmful chemicals.

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