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How to use a proxy server on an Android device

How to use a proxy server on an Android device

In recent years, internet users have been exposed to infringements on their online privacy. Big tech companies that treat their customers as products have been abusing collected private information for financial gain.

Still, despite frequent exposures to inhumane use of technology, the internet today is structured around these companies, and most web surfers cannot escape their influence.

Because their services are convenient and addictive, the sphere of influence stretches to most corners of the easily accessible internet. The days of online anonymity are long gone, and no user should expect privacy on the web.

Thankfully, there is a bright side to this story. With more publicity towards internet security and privacy issues, web surfers care more about their digital footprint and exposure on the internet.

Technology users actively seek out tools and solutions that help minimize exposure to private data.

Taking an active interest in your digital well-being won’t let you escape the claws of big tech companies and social media networks, but at least they will not read you like an open book.

In addition, internet privacy tools can protect you from cybercriminals looking to prey on your private information. Proxy servers are simple yet incredibly effective internet anonymity tools.

When you access the web through an intermediary server, the headers attached to your data packets will no longer display your original IP address.

Proxies are most often used to protect users during browsing, but they can also act as gatekeepers for incoming data requests (reverse proxy).

While an average internet user today pays much closer attention to their digital privacy, for most of us, the attentiveness remains inconsistent.

Most web surfers try to stay anonymous on the web while using computers but never bother to protect their mobile phones and Android devices.

In this article, we want to encourage our users to stay mindful of cybersecurity threats on all gadgets. In no time, you can find a reliable proxy provider that will hook you up with an Android proxy.

Not only will your devices stay safer, but the applications of these intermediary servers can benefit individual tasks and business ventures.

To learn more about Android proxy, as well as other types of specialized middlemen servers, check out Smartproxy, a well-respected proxy provider that offers flexible, affordable deals and educational articles.

Here is How you use a proxy server on an Android device: 

Set up your Android proxy: 

To start using a proxy server on your Android phone or any other device, head over to system settings and click on Network & Internet options. Open Mobile network settings and select “Advanced”.

There you will find more options for your network, and an option to edit your access point. Once there, all you have to do is enter the IP address and port of the proxy server supplied by your provider.

After you save the changes and reboot your mobile data, your data packets will start to travel through an intermediary server!

The flexibility of proxy servers: 

While an average internet user today understands the importance of anonymity provided by proxy servers, many do not grasp the power, versatility, and applicability it offers for numerous tasks and even business projects.

Modern companies create long-term partnerships with their favorite proxy providers to have constant access to a large pool of proxy server IPs.

This allows them to cycle between network identities while scraping the web for market research, competitor analysis, digital marketing, and expansion opportunities.

Modern businesses depend on automated bots to improve and accelerate many tasks.

However, because algorithmic automation is easily distinguishable from real user behavior, companies need to protect their IP address with a different network identity for these tasks.

You might be thinking, what does this have to do with proxy servers on Android devices if most of these processes run on a computer? The truth is, you can apply the same principles for personal projects and side hustles to generate additional income.

The prime examples of effective proxy server utilization are success stories of resellers. To simplify, let’s focus on the technical side of the sneaker reselling market.

Modern sneaker resellers depend on proxy servers during limited-edition footwear drops. Experienced sneakerheads pay big money to acquire the most efficient bots that discover great deals or accelerate checkouts at online stores.

Android devices can monitor and adjust the functionality of these tools. A proxy server allows them to cycle through identities to avoid rate limiting and increase the chances of a successful purchase.

Having a proxy server IP for your android device browsing can be extremely useful even without business aspirations. Individuals that manage to discover the best deals for travel tickets often do so with the help of proxy servers.

Websites can offer different prices or even restrict connections from other locations.

With a good proxy provider by your side, you can choose from IP addresses all around the world and keep changing identities to access localized data and uncover the best possible prices.

Proxy servers are valuable tools often used on computers but rarely utilized on android devices. If you already found your proxy provider, you can use the same addresses and reap the benefits of providing safety and anonymity.

As long as you do not use public proxy IPs that are supplied by unknown third parties you can protect your network identity without much effort.


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