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Must Read 2021 RAM Etorque Problems & 5.7 Hemi Etorque Problems – Investigation

5 Most Common 2021 RAM Etorque Problems & Top Complaints & Investigation

While the reliability of the RAM 1500 varies from model to model, most complaints revolve around the same issues. These include the Camshaft position sensor, coolant leaks, rear window seals, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues. Then, determine which ones you should investigate further. And remember, if you do find any problems with your RAM, please contact us.

Reliability varies by model year

The Ram 1500 is a kinder pickup truck than its predecessors, bringing improvements to fuel economy and cargo capacity, as well as a higher standard of interior packaging and comfort.

Even the most demanding commercial drivers will find this truck to be very comfortable, thanks to its impressive levels of comfort and convenience.

As with any vehicle, reliability varies depending on the model year. Here are some facts about the reliability of the 2021 RAM 1500.

The reliability of the RAM 1500 is highly variable, but in general, the truck has a high reliability rating. Despite its reputation for reliability problems, the RAM 1500 has been able to shake off some of its reputations.

The truck has been the winner of Motor Trends’ Truck of the Year award twice, but has suffered from multiple recalls due to engine, electrical, and transmission issues.

Owners have also reported problems with the bumpers, tailgate, and locks, but the truck’s reliability has improved with newer model releases.

The 2021 RAM 1500 is the least reliable of the generation. Engine failures were the biggest issue with this truck, and the 2021 model year is considered the worst year for this model.

Engine problems related to the lifters of the camshaft were common and expensive. While most RAM 1500 trucks are relatively reliable, some of the 2021 models suffered from engine problems and were recalled in many years.

These problems were resolved by the manufacturer, but the truck’s reliability varies by model year.

Camshaft position sensor

The 2021 RAM 1500 is known for its many problems, but these aren’t all related to the engine. In fact, there are some common problems with the truck that will need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Some of the common problems related to the transmission, braking system, cooling system, and more can be avoided by doing your own research on the model year of your car.

Hopefully, this article will help you avoid the most common problems associated with the 2021 RAM 1500.

In 2017, Ram recalled more than one million 1500s due to various problems, including multiple coolant leaks.

In addition, the company also recalled the truck for software updates, which fixed a number of problems. Many owners reported problems with power steering, which can result in intermittent or complete failure.

This problem prompted the company to issue recall V04, which affected over 150,000 Ram 1500 trucks. The issue was traced to a loose ground battery fastener.

Dealers were required to complete the free service prior to selling the truck. However, the quality of the new Rams is a concern.

A recent survey conducted by J.D. Power surveyed tens of thousands of car owners and tabulated their responses.

The truck ranked fourth in the Initial Quality Study, which counts problems per hundred vehicles.

While luxury brands are more advanced in technology, they still trail behind the mass market in fundamental build quality. The 2021 RAM 1500 is no exception.

Coolant leaks

If you’ve noticed that your 2021 RAM 1500 is losing coolant, you may have a leak somewhere. It could be from the water pump, the intake manifold gasket, the thermostat, or even the heater tube o-rings.

To determine the source of the leak, visit a RepairPal Certified shop. If you’re unable to find the source, use the RepairPal community to find out what is causing the problem.

You may be surprised to learn that a 2021 RAM 1500 can have coolant leaks without running out.

The problem may not be as severe as running out of coolant, but your car may be overly diluting its coolant, allowing engine parts to rust and break.

If you notice any of these problems, it’s time to bring your 2021 RAM 1500 to a reputable service center.

A common cause of coolant leaks is a faulty EGR cooler. The coolers can crack because of thermal fatigue.

When the coolant vaporizes, it can start an engine fire. This problem has been addressed by Ram, but delays have left many owners vulnerable.

This problem can also occur in vehicles with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), which reduces emissions. The EGR cooler utilises both coolant and airflow to lower the temperature.

Rear window seals

A void in the rear window seal can cause water to leak into the cab. Water dripping onto the carpet is a telltale sign of a leaky rear window.

To solve this problem, replace the rear window seal. If it still does not stop the water from coming in, replace the exhaust manifold gasket. Aftermarket replacement gaskets are available online.

The leaky rear window seals problem began after a hard rain, car wash, or watering. Some owners experienced water leaking as early as two weeks after buying the truck.

The rear window was not functioning properly and it looked as if there was no seal underneath the third brake light cover.

Some owners found that a replacement rear window rubber gasket seal fixed the issue, while others had to replace the entire rear window.

The top complaint of the 2021 RAM 1500 is a faulty rear window seal. The driver’s side window is also prone to leaks.

Thankfully, the repair costs were relatively small. In addition to the leaking rear window seal, the rear window also suffers from a problem with the shifter linkage.

Although these problems are relatively small, they do not go away once the truck is repaired.

Rear window track

The rear window track on a 2021 RAM 1500 is removable. To replace the track, you can either purchase a new rear window or have it repaired.

Both will require the installation of a Mopar repair kit. If you’re looking for the exact connector for the rear window motor, you’ll need a Mopar repair kit. If the motor itself is not broken, you can buy a new one.

The Ram 1500 is offered in seven trim levels for the year 2021. It comes in quad, crew, and five-passenger cabin configurations.

The cabins are well-appointed and feature high-quality leather and cloth materials. Other features include a heads-up display, digital rearview mirror, and heated steering wheel.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration is available. There are several trim levels for the 2021 Ram 1500, and some include a cargo management box.

Transmission problems

Earlier versions of the Ram 1500 had issues with their transmissions. Transmission problems often required a full transmission replacement.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms, you can visit your local Dodge dealer for a thorough checkup.

Moreover, you can take your vehicle to a mechanic for professional troubleshooting to identify the exact cause.

A common complaint associated with transmission problems is that the truck fails to shift smoothly. The problem can also be the result of contaminated transmission fluid.

The transmissions on the 2021 RAM 1500 models have mostly been fixed. There is one recall on the 2022 RAM 1500 models related to the HVAC system.

This problem has been affecting most of the RAM 1500 models for the past few years, and it is especially common with the TRX.

This transmission issue is caused by several issues, and determining what’s causing it can be difficult. In the meantime, customers should avoid purchasing a 2021 Ram 1500.

A faulty electrical relay or a loose wire can also cause transmission problems. Checking the voltage coming from transmission terminals can help you identify the source of the problem.

If the wiring is not damaged, you can try replacing it with a professional. However, it’s better to leave this job to the professionals because interfering with the electrical system can cause further complications.

However, it is important not to attempt to fix the transmission on your own.

5.7 Hemi eTorque problems 

Don’t give the 5.7 Hemi eTorque’s claim to be a hybrid vehicle too much credence.

No, it’s only a moderate hybrid, and the electric motor and batteries act more like an alternator and support system for the start-stop facility.

You cannot drive with only an electric powertrain; doing so will result in minimal fuel savings. But will you face new challenges? We anticipate you will.

The eTorque system is currently highly new and innovative. Although it has received many positive ratings, we aren’t sure if we need this technology in a vehicle.

Here are 6 Common 5.7 Hemi Etorque problems 

A Challenging Technology

If this system breaks down, it won’t be that cool, in our opinion. You have the 80,000-mile guarantee, but what about vehicles with eTorque technology that have high mileage? Since the power plant is brand-new, no one is aware.

Issue with Parts 

Consumers can be worried about the cost. Given that you have the guarantee, you might not care anymore.

Yet, in the end, you can find yourself in the shop spending hundreds of dollars on a part that your automobile needs.

Additional Upkeep

You won’t need to pour a lot of cash into the system in the first three or four years to make it function.

However, things can worsen after that. For instance, you might have to change the battery in 4 years. You will experience that it won’t be very affordable.

Not Suitable for Highways 

Since many consumers aren’t aware of what they purchase, it can be seen as a different issue.

This technique is completely useless on the highway because it won’t reduce fuel consumption or speed up your automobile. It works best on city streets only.

Additional Minor Issues 

Reviews have been found with concerns about minor issues that result in abrupt engine stalling or issues with launching the engine.

These issues do not occur frequently. However, it’s likely simply that there aren’t that many vehicles with eTorque engines, and we don’t know the actual numbers. 

High Cost 

Cost-wise, the 5.7 Hemi eTorque is around $1,200 more expensive than the 5.7 Hemi alone. And we would describe that as a significant issue.

However, we know that a straightforward Hemi engine will likely be phased out soon due to its subpar eco-features.

2019 Ram eTorque Problems 

Although 2019 RAM trucks with eTorque systems are very popular, you should avoid them for safety concerns. You could endanger your life and the lives of other drivers unless the manufacturer fixes the problems.

According to several users’ reports, its most frequent issues are as follows:

Unexpected Engine Cutoff

This occurs at both low and high speeds on the highway. The report claims that the engine stalls when making a left or right turn, which calls for low engine speed.

The ignition automatically shifts to adaptive cruise control (A.C.C.) when the engine suddenly stalls. This technique can only decrease the likelihood of a deadly mishap, but it is still very likely. 

To address this problem, take the following measures. 

  • If you are fortunate enough, park your car safely after the sudden engine shut down and let it a minute or two before starting the engine again. It will turn over without any issues. 
  • It might, however, turn off again after a short while. Therefore, this procedure can take five to seven repetitions until the engine is steady enough for a lengthy run.
  • It might not be a lasting fix to restart your engine in a few minutes. To find and fix the issue, it is preferable to contact your dealer and have the car in for more diagnostics.

Abrupt Cease Operations

Users of the eTorque-equipped 2019 RAM 1500 are also reporting system failures. Though newer models do not always have it, older models tend to have it more frequently.

Battery issues are most likely the root cause of an eTorque system failure. The battery in your automobile ages and can no longer sustain it.

Furthermore, leaving your truck in the garage for weeks without using it might harm the battery and result in eTorque failure. Wear and tear is another issue with the eTorque technology.

Even a brand-new, fully charged battery bank starts to malfunction more frequently with time.

To address the problem, try the following measures. 

  • Replacing or charging the battery before a planned short journey is a simple fix. 
  • If that proves ineffective, swapping out the motor-generator unit located within the engine compartment might be necessary. That may get expensive, though, if your truck is no longer under warranty.

2020 Ram eTorque Problems

The 2020 models have extra faults on top of the 2019 RAM 1500 eTorque system’s problems. Among them are the following:

Inaccurate reading of the battery voltage

A battery monitoring system in your truck continuously measures the voltage across its terminals. Sometimes, interference during eTorque system installation results in an inaccurate voltage reading.

Fixing this seemingly straightforward operation can take days. Rather than taking your truck to a repair, get the best answer by contacting your dealer. Additionally, while the dealer works on it, you must exercise patience.

Problem With The AC Or The Ventilated Seats

It is inoperable when seats are vented or air-conditioned. Similarly, these power users won’t activate when utilizing the eTorque system.

You will get an error warning from the information center if the air conditioning or ventilation is on in the seats. It notifies you if there is a problem with the eTorque system.

Because of its complexity, fixing this problem calls for skilled mechanics. The truck’s perpetual system is frequently the source of the issue, which prevents these electrical consumers from operating normally.

2022 Ram eTorque Problems

The 2022 RAM 1500 eTorque is the newest model that people believe is more reliable than its predecessors. However, it also causes an abrupt engine shut-off and automatic emergency brake activation.

Losing It

The Ram eTorque technology aims to give drivers more control over their cars. However, according to several drivers, stalling out of the car is one of the most significant issues with the 2022 Ram eTorque!

There are various reasons why this could occur. For instance, the car might engage the emergency brake when it shouldn’t.

This problem would be vexing enough on its own. However, the combination of rapid brake application and high-speed driving could be fatal for drivers!

Dealerships aren’t always sure how to solve this issue, exacerbating the situation. As a result, you can be left with a brand-new car with an unfixable issue. 

Being Trapped in Third Gear

Tow haul mode is one of the Ram 1500’s more useful features. This setting appears to make towing large weights simple. But in reality, the eTorque mechanism makes towing more difficult.

Many drivers have reported that their cars occasionally become stuck in third gear when in tow haul mode.

Since this specific system is linked to the truck’s software, a typical mechanic cannot repair it. Dealerships, on the other hand, have advised Ram 1500 drivers to stay away from tow haul mode for a certain period. 

Battery Water Damage

The issue is that the rear window occasionally closes only some of the way. This allows water to enter the car. The water may harm your seats, and the eTorque battery is fixed to your truck’s rear wall.

Regretfully, drivers of Ram 1500s should learn that this truck has more issues than they were aware of before making their purchase. And it might be time to utilize your state’s lemon laws if you’re experiencing similar problems.

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