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The Benefits of an End Zone Camera System – Easy Way To Build

The Benefits of an End Zone Camera System

One of the newest innovations in surveillance technology is the iPad camera system. It is portable, easy to use, and can be used on the go. It is also ideal for any high school, college, or corporate office that requires an economical and easy to operate system.

The systems from the top manufacturers allow you to have complete control over every aspect of your camera system.

11 Amazing Features and Advantages of End Zone Camera System

1.Professional Control System

A smart camera’s purpose is to record, playback, and analyze the area it is located in. The Smart Camera iPad permits a single operator to control the camera from almost anywhere in the field or on the stadium.

Without the Smart End Zone Camera, doing all these functions usually requires two operators to work in tandem. The camera mounted on the tower can be controlled with a touch screen or by using a remote control device.

2.Connection With Multi Devices

There are several options available, and many companies even offer the ability to connect the camera to a computer so that video from multiple cameras can be stored on a hard drive connected to the computer.

The end zone camera system has become extremely popular because it provides real time statistics, scoring, stats, and more.

3.Instant Replay System

The most common uses are scoreboards on sidelines and near the court. The sideline instant replay systems are ideal because they are designed to allow the user to view live statistics on any live or recorded basketball game.

This gives coaches, trainers, and other personnel the ability to see the stat line of individual players almost as soon as the game begins.

4.HDR Zooming

Some people use the end zone camera systems to keep an eye on children who may be running around or playing on the basketball court. The ability to zoom in and out makes it easy to see players who are running around.

5.Close To Watch

Parents have noticed that the kids tend to do better when the parents are present and using the tower makes it easy for them to see their own children as well. Another great use is to check on elderly neighbors who spend a lot of time at the nursing home.

6.Build Digital Video Recorder System

One popular feature of the endzone cameras is the ability to add a digital video recorder to the system. In addition to recording the game, this video can be stored to an external hard drive or uploaded to a website.

7.Used As A Surveillance Camera

This viewing monitor can also be used as a surveillance camera to monitor employees who have access to the facility. This gives employers greater peace of mind when they know that there is a video camera watching their employees.

8.Protect False Alarms Notification

It’s important to note that if the viewing monitor is located in a room where the camera is located, there may be increased chances of false alarms.

9.Variety of Sizes

The endzone camera system come in a variety of sizes and features. There are many custom-built camera systems available today, as opposed to the older style of camera systems. A number of retailers offer interchangeable lens mount brackets.

10.LCD Touch Screen

There is a vast selection of wireless cameras available. Some of these wireless systems use night vision technology. There is also a range of LCD touch screen monitors available today.

Manufacturers such as DSC and Penta are constantly coming up with new and innovative features. Many of the newer models offer telescoping capabilities. The ability to expand the viewing area is possible due to the angle of the tower.

11.High Memory Storage

The ability to rotate the viewing monitor is also possible. The ability to expand the capacity of the tower is possible because the memory capacity has been increased.

Today, many of the retailers that sell end zone camera systems also sell video surveillance equipment. Business owners who need video monitoring but do not have the space for installing a large surveillance system should consider purchasing an end zone camera system.

The size of the camera is dependent upon how much the business needs to monitor. Once the system is installed, there is no requirement to purchase additional video surveillance equipment.

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