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Tips For Cracking Coding Interview Questions

Tips For Cracking Coding Interview Questions

Speaking from the perspective of a former technical job aspirant, tech interviews are nearly not as challenging and overwhelming as unnecessarily portrayed by people on the internet.

The hype of cracking coding interviews is definitely more than advertised from what really happens on the site of the interview.

Hence, one of the best tips for cracking the coding interviews would be just being yourself and focusing on achieving your target. Afterward, everything will start falling in place.

In order to set you on the right path, we have curated this blog to gear up your spirits before you face your next coding interview!

Pro Tips For Cracking Coding Interviews

The stress levels of cracking coding interviews always remain off the charts even for people who have years of experience in coding.

Thankfully, there are online resources and a plethora of study materials that you can avail in order to get through the coding and problem solving part of the interviews.

But, the reference books and study materials can only do so much when it comes to preparing you for your coding exams. Your real potential is only reflected in your confidence during your placement drive. This blog can help you gain that confidence.

So, come along with us and learn a few important pointers on how you can clear your coding exams in 10 simple steps!

Start writing codes on paper

By practicing on paper you are essentially training your mind to demonstrate and explain your codes effectively in front of your interviewers.

Also, by practicing on paper you can plan your own strategies on how you want to express your codes.

We are all aware that coding interviews are majorly conducted on online compilers but, during the technical interview part you have to explain your codes in the written format to your interviewer.

Grab the right study materials

Compilers and online IDEs definitely provide the platform for testing your codes but they certainly do not provide the right guidance on what algorithms you should apply in order to achieve the minimum time complexity.

Take mock tests weekly

The right move for cracking coding interviews are definitely the mock tests!

If you are aspiring to compete amongst brillant program developers and software engineers then it is better to start from the basics and participate in as many mock tests as possible.

From LeetCode to Techinterview and from GeeksforGeeks to Stack Overflow there are plenty of online websites that offer free mock tests that you can participate in regularly.

So pick any platform of your choice and make sure to take the mock tests at least once a week until your coding exams.

Note down your mistakes

The main purpose of participating in mock tests is to gain knowledge of the problem areas in your coding and to make sure that those mistakes are not repeated often in your future tests and especially during your interviews.

This is definitely one of the most effective ways for cracking coding interviews.

Practice Software Development

As a fresher in coding and programming, you do not want to be thrown off your feet in your first interview itself for not having the required expertise in software development.

In order to have the best impression on your interviewers, make sure to practice basic-level software development. This is a skill that will certainly go a long way if you want to achieve milestones in program development and coding.

Be attentive to the details

Along with having the required physical and practical skill set, it is also important to be aware of your cognitive problem-solving skills.

The main assessment of your skills during your interview will be determined only if you are able to demonstrate your real-time problem-solving abilities in front of your interview panel.

Make sure to take notice of every little detail during your interview because only you will be able to prove that you are alert and attentive.

Keep your preparation company oriented

Your preparation for coding interviews should always cater to the company that you are aiming to land.

For instance, if you are preparing for Google code interview questions, you should also look out for the history of Google and the current challenges faced by the company.

It would also help if you could provide your input for solving a few of those problems.

This will make a strong impression on the jury and they will definitely be more inclined towards selecting a candidate who is passionate about working with their company.

Make sure to express your opinions

Your idea behind writing a code can be very different from the perspective of the interviewer. This is why it is important to express your general idea behind writing the codes.

Bear in mind that even though the questions have been set by the interviewer, you can have different opinions on the types of approaches that can be used to solve the coding problems.

Try to engage the interviewer in conversations as well as much as possible while explaining your codes to create a better impact.

Write proper clean codes

This definitely comes within the territory of explaining your codes. If you do not write clean codes, especially while you are writing on paper during your interview, you will certainly not be able to explain what codes you have written efficiently.

This will definitely not create the right impression in the minds of the interview panel. Hence even if you have given your 100% input in writing your codes, not explaining it in the right manner would definitely lower your chances of getting hired.

Test your codes using online compilers

Finally, test the codes you have written in order to make sure that your program is functioning properly.

Check out the following tips for testing your codes efficiently:

  • Rule out the codes that seem a little odd
  • Check for the algorithms that seem prone to error

Final Thoughts

Attention to detail and logical thinking is definitely the keys to cracking coding interviews!

To challenge the critical and logical thinking parts of your brain, check out the Microsoft, Infosys, Amazon, and Google code interview questions on our website.


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