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The Important Role of Web Design in Web Development

The Important Role of Web Design in Web Development


Web design encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and management of sites on the World Wide Web. The various fields of web design encompass web graphic design; web authoring; functional design; visual communication design; interactivity,


which include research, usability testing, and user research; and search engine marketing. Web designers use numerous software packages to facilitate their work, such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and HTML.


Don’t Forget These Important Roles


Web pages typically have content written in a markup language called Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which is a plain-text scripting language. Some of the world’s leading publishers use web design to create and publish information on the Internet.


Web development services also use web design techniques and employ various software packages, to create and develop websites. Web developers work on the basic interface and then design and develop the site’s content.


Web designers from Web Design North East work with graphic designers to create visual layouts (also known as interfaces), or using other methods such as “the layout”.. In addition, web designers work with content writers to write the text content of a site, and include images, videos, and other media.


Web developers can also use software packages for integrating databases, calendars, shopping carts, and customer relationship management systems.


A good web design incorporates various approaches and techniques to creating a good user experience. In a broad sense, effective web design refers to the ability to present a product or service in a user-friendly manner that makes a high degree of interactivity achievable.


The best approaches are generally found on mobile devices. A good example is Apple’s Safari, which has a “web inspector” that enables the user to view and manipulate web content on the Internet. Likewise, users on smart phones can view web content with similar ease.


Some smart phone users are so used to interacting with mobile apps that they actually perform some functions in the form of web applications and not just viewing the Internet.


While designing a website, graphic designers look at various factors such as typography, background colors, image formats, size, spacing, and appearance. Web pages may contain texts, images, video, audio, and interactivity.


Web pages are designed to operate using a uniform set of primary and secondary colors, background color schemes, font styles, images, and other aesthetics such as the navigation bar, drop-down menus, toolbars, and buttons.


Web designers have a lot of challenges. In the past, the only option was to hire a website designer who lived and worked in your area or hired a freelance web designer. Today, there are many website builders that enable you to quickly create websites without the need to hire someone close to you.


Website builders allow you to choose a variety of templates, themes, and functions such as shopping carts. You can even integrate a wide variety of technologies, such as Java, Flash, Silverlight, Ajax, PHP, and MySQL.


Aesthetics and usability are also important when considering how to design a website. This is the combination of technical and aesthetic components that contribute to a user experience. Aesthetics are what makes the website appealing.


It should be user-friendly. When the user is able to easily understand and use the website, he will feel confident and satisfied. User experience design is very closely related to usability, and the two cannot be ignored when considering web design.


In addition to user experience, web designers should consider usability in their web design foundation. User experience encompasses a number of issues, such as navigation, functionality, information design, content, and interfaces.


Web designers must incorporate usability considerations into their web design. They should also ensure that their website meets the standards defined by the US Federal Communication Commission’s Internet Communications Regulations (ICCR), and the Association of National Advertisers’ Internet Policy Statement (ICOIS).


The use of interactive media, such as videos and audio, in web design enhances the user experience. Interactive websites provide a unique means for conveying information. They allow users to respond to and interact with,


the advertised content. A well designed interactive website can have a dramatic effect on a business. Therefore, it is critical that web designers incorporate effective interactive media, such as video and audio, into their websites.

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