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Top Amazon Analytics & Tracking Tools for Sellers – Updated List!

Top Amazon Analytics & Tracking Tools for Sellers - Updated List!

Amazon is the most prominent online marketplace in the world and millions of sellers sell their stuff on Amazon.

Although selling on Amazon is an excellent opportunity to make money, the challenge is to find and fix issues that might hold you back from a successful business.

Any Seller who owns more than one product line or is into more than one category will be plagued by questions like – which products are selling well?, Which products need our attention immediately?

Do I have enough stock to meet customer demand? If you are also one of such Amazon sellers, don’t worry, we have enlisted the top 10 Amazon FBA analytic tools that help you get an edge on your competitors.

List out top Amazon FBA analytic Tools

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is a set of seller tools that helps you find winning products, optimize keywords, and increase your listings’ visibility on Amazon.

Apart from this, it helps sellers to find, launch and scale products. This platform also offers an array of features, including keyword tools, product trends, profit dashboards, and alerts.

2. Sellics

Sellics is another all-in-one Amazon tool with features ranging from customer reviews and keyword tracking to PPC management and analytics.

Its smart campaigns feature enables you to create a high-performing campaign structure automatically and fully automate your bidding & targeting based on your individual objectives.

3. Jungle Scout

The next on the list is Jungle Scout. It helps you sell on Amazon by providing data about what customers are doing on the platform and how they interact with various products.

In general, this information will allow you to make better decisions about what products to sell and how to position them in the market.

4. Scale Insights

A relative newcomer to this space, Scale Insights is an Amazon FBA analytics tool that helps track performance, research, optimize products, and spot opportunities for growth.

This platform allows you to keep an eye on your pricing and inventory levels. You can also use it to build a new product research strategy or optimize the existing one. You will be amazed to know that 8 figure FBA tycoons use this software.

5. HelloProfit

Moving forward, HelloProfit is another tool that helps Amazon sellers manage their business by providing insights into inventory management, profit margins, and customer relationships.

It gives sellers a quick snapshot of how their business is doing right now while also offering a more profound understanding through sales reports and customer order history.

6. Forecast

The sixth Amazon FBA tool is Forecast. It can help you maintain healthy inventory levels by providing accurate predictions around when those products need to be reordered.

It also provides an overview of how well products are selling together so that you can make better decisions about bundling them together.

7. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is one of the most popular Amazon seller tools in the market. It has several great features that help you analyze and track your activities on Amazon.

This tool lets you track your rank for specific keywords on Amazon and monitor how this changes over time.

You can also see the estimated number of sales for different ASINs (the unique code for each product) along with their current rank in various categories on Amazon.

Additionally, AMZ Tracker enables you to respond quickly to any negative feedback before it impacts your rating too much.

8. Trendle

Trendle is another Amazon FBA software. It provides a variety of tools, including an analysis tool that helps identify which keywords will work best for each of your products, tools for monitoring reviews, and competitor activity.

It is an automated price for keeping prices competitive. Once you’ve launched a successful Amazon business and you’re ready to scale, it can quickly get overwhelming.

This is when many sellers turn to third-party tools that will help them streamline their operations.

However, apart from the above-listed Amazon FBA tools, there is plenty of other AMZ software that claim to be the best at whatever they do, but it’s important to know what you need before choosing any of the software.

If you invest in the wrong tool for your needs, you could end up wasting time and money.

The Bottom Line:

I hope this updated list of Amazon analytics & tracking tools for sellers proves useful for you. To know more about the latest updates on these analytics tools, stay tuned!

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