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Litecoin vs Tron: Which Is a Better Investment?

Litecoin vs Tron: Which Is a Better Investment?

Analysis of LTC and TRX Performance

Did you know that Litecoin is the first altcoin project that proved to be successful and popular among users? Its history goes back to 2011, and it has kept its position among the leading crypto investment options until today.

Tron has a different story as it’s a newer project, and it’s a blockchain and not simply a coin. If you look at any USDT vs TRX comparison, you can see how these two tokens compare.

And if you need more information about how Litecoin and Tron perform, you are welcome to keep reading this article!

Breaking Down Litecoin

Litecoin creators were the pioneers of the idea of adjusting the code of Bitcoin for different projects.

You’ll notice some similarities between BTC and LTC, such as the fact both are open-source blockchains. Litecoin also uses the PoW consensus mechanism, but the algorithms are different since LTC uses Scrypt.

Many important features have been first tried on Litecoin and then implemented in Bitcoin. For example, the Lightning Network is a layer-2 solution where traders can perform transactions without recording every transfer on the chain, which improves scalability by ten times.

Other important Litecoin features include Segregated Witness and the MimbleWimble improvements.

LTC Market Performance

Litecoin had most problems with its value during the first few years in the market. It then skyrocketed and reached $412.96 in 2021, and it’s still of decent value today, especially since it lost around 79% of its worth compared to an all-time high, and many other currencies lost 95% or more of their values.

Litecoin’s current value is $87, and the token has shown great signs of recovery over the last 12 months.

With a market cap of around $6 billion and a long history, LTC enjoys a great reputation among traders. The circulating supply is currently 73 million LTC, with the maximum set at 84 million LTC.

Breaking Down Tron

TRX entered the crypto industry in 2017 as the ERC-20 token, but the Tron blockchain moved on from Ethereum and created its own network.

Decentralization is the key principle, just like with other crypto projects. Creators can post content and receive TRX as rewards, and it’s also possible to build dApps and unique tokens to be used in those apps.

Tron uses a delegated PoS consensus, where 27 super representatives validate transactions and generate TRX as the reward.

Although Tron works well, many criticized it for the lack of true innovation, although the fact that there aren’t any transaction charges is an important characteristic.

TRX Market Performance

Tron is worth $0.07 at the moment, and the reason why its value is this low is the large number of circulating coins, which is at around 90 billion TRX.

However, TRX faced the lowest value when it entered the market, and it never went as low as $0.001091, which was the case in 2017.

The coin’s all-time high was $0.3004 in January 2018, and TRX hasn’t reached that value even with the crypto boom in 2021 and 2022.

The current market cap of Tron is at around $6.9 billion, with the 24h trading volume varying at around $200 million. It’s a good sign of liquidity, as the volume/market cap ratio is at 0.03%.

What Does the Future Hold?

After over a decade of existence, there’s no doubt that Litecoin is here to stay. LTC will increase its value by the end of 2023, and it could reach at least $115.

In two years, the coin’s value might not progress too much, although optimistic predictors believe it could go up to $230. A huge disparity among predictions for 2030 is noticeable — some say LTC won’t go beyond $300, and others are brave enough to say it will exceed $1,500.

TRX will continue stabilizing in 2023, and its value could rise to around $0.09-0.11. The coin could exceed $0.25 in 2025, while the forecast for 2030 puts its value at anywhere from $0.61 to $1.39.


While everyone agrees there’s huge potential ahead for both coins, it’s hard to declare a winner in the Litecoin vs Tron showdown.

LTC has been around for a long time, and due to its close connections to Bitcoin, it’s hard to believe it will lose its current position among user favorites.

Tron blockchain does a lot of things right, including not charging fees for transactions, and it keeps improving to attract new traders. Ultimately, both LTC and TRX could be good investments, and the final call on which to invest in is entirely up to you.

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