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Why performing periodical Salesforce backups is so essential for business?

Why performing periodical Salesforce backups is so essential for business?

Running a business requires dealing with various information – records of suppliers, customers, products, financial transactions, etc.

To assist in this task, high-level data management software is recurrent. However, many still do not know the importance of data backup.

It is about keeping a copy of all your data somewhere. You can do it manually, when an employee copies the necessary files to an external hard drive, or automatically, using software — being the most recommended way, as it is safer and more reliable.

A CRM is the heart of your business process. You store each data in your CRM. You must keep that information safe.

Daily backups not only help your business data to be safe from cyber attackers, but also you can regain the data after a disaster, such as data auto-deletion, corrupted hard drive or software, system upgrade, etc.

What is Salesforce?

When we talk about the utility and benefits of having a CRM in our possession (customer relationship management), there is one name that we cannot avoid – Salesforce CRM, probably one of the leading and most powerful CRM in the world.

As a result, this tool has a 22% market share in the industry. There is no doubt in saying that it is the best SaaS solution for millions of businesses worldwide.

The primary feature that makes Salesforce CRM the best choice is integrating third-party APIs. You can also add extensions (plugin options).

Salesforce is incredibly easy to use. It is a SaaS solution. You rent the tool according to your requirements and budget.

Today’s topic is not on Salesforce CRM. Today, we will talk about the benefits of Salesforce backups through third-party data management software.

You may ask why you should back up your Salesforce data through robust data management software. Let us give you the top reasons.

Reasons Why You Should Backups Through Robust Data Management Software

1. Elimination of human errors

Manual backup processes can generate failures and errors. Some examples do not have time to save files on a given day and forget to copy some information.

There can also be problems such as accidentally deleting or replacing a file that (if not recovered) will cause damage to the company.

Therefore, since files and data are essential for maintaining a good workflow, automating this function is the best way to avoid unforeseen events and eliminate human errors.

The data management software makes copies at a specific frequency, ensuring the fulfillment of this task.

2. The concentration of information in one place

Using Salesforce data backup recovery software with the automatic feature, all information will be stored in one place.

It helps keep the organization organized and makes managing the business more accessible. Leaving information scattered across multiple computers can cause problems when someone needs to locate some of it.

It is not necessary to install the program on each device. Just have a browser with internet access to use the application.

That way, employees will no longer have to deal with multiple files and folders to search for the data they need to perform their duties.

With this centralization of information, professionals will manage the enterprise in the best way.

3. Ease of restoration

In case of unforeseen events that cause the loss of company data, Salesforce backup is essential so that you can recover the information.

Thanks to the auto backup, restore, and archive features of Flosum,, the company will have the security that it will be able to recover the lost information.

The software has cloud storage. The data storage in the cloud automatically carried out by the software will always be up to date.

Recovery is even faster and easier. To do so, have the access key or password and perform some simple procedures.

4. Data security guarantee

Data security is essential with the volume of information necessary for day-to-day administration. For this, the backup through software brings several advantages.

This system ensures data redundancy, allowing information to be recorded in more than one place and always available.

Despite causing insecurity in some people, believing that this storage will leave data vulnerable, these systems protect the transmission and storage of information.

Modern resources copy data. Encrypted information prevents information theft. The data will be safe against hackers, crackers, and cybercriminals with this system.

5. Time optimization and cost reduction

Another critical factor in optimizing the workflow and time of employees — is one of the significant advantages of a management system.

With automatic backup, it is no longer necessary to invest time to make a backup, as the software will do it at the programmed frequency.

Deploying this system also allows for cost savings related to design and database maintenance. Although this contract means an investment by the company, its cost is lower than the acquisition and maintenance of equipment for data storage in the office.

It is unnecessary to have computers and networks to store the information; it reduces the cost of electricity, besides not having to invest time and rely on a specific employee to perform manual backups.

6. Focus on internal procedures

With the data management software storing all of the company’s backup files, the company will be aware of the frequency of updating and the time it takes for its operations to resume in data loss.

By constantly controlling the condition of the files, everyone involved in the company’s processes will have peace of mind.

Under these conditions, administrators and employees will focus on essential internal activities to manage the business, increasing their productivity.

7. Increased mobility

Finally, with Flosum software backup, the company will access stored data anytime and anywhere, just through the internet connection. It is possible to access the information by cell phones, tablets, or computers.

This makes it possible to invest in the home office and external work, as accessing files will become a simple task. Thus, you will have more mobility and peace of mind.

In the end

Data Salesforce backup through robust data-management software brings several advantages to the company, increasing its security, improving the workflow, and offering greater mobility.

It is easier to deal with customers and suppliers, having all the essential files available whenever you need them.

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