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Technologies of the Future Right Now: What Your Smartphones Are Capable Of

Technologies of the Future Right Now: What Your Smartphones Are Capable Of

The future is coming rapidly, and today users of smartphones and mobile gadgets have access to amazing technologies that seemed impossible a few years ago.

Now even entertainment is available to us at home using a smartphone, such as woo casino bonuses.

We have identified six of the most significant technologies “from the field of fiction” that have already been implemented and are available to ordinary users.

Features Of The Future Smart Phones

Intelligent Camera

The cameras of modern mobile devices consist not only of multi-lens high-end optics.

The most important thing is in the program settings, which allow you to optimize settings such as exposure, white balance, scenario, and focus.

Software settings are also used to recognize objects in photographs, such as people, animals, food, and landscapes, as well as to create artistic effects.

In addition, with the help of built-in software functions, the smartphone camera increases the security of user data, providing recognition of the user’s face and even the environment around him for access to the main screen of the device.

Smart Keyboard

The digital keyboard of a modern gadget also has advanced functionality and is designed not only for the simple typing of texts and messages.

Now it can be used to suggest the following words or phrases based on the analysis of previous user inputs, to correct typos and grammatical errors, as well as to suggest suitable emoticons and emojis.

In addition, the keyboard settings allow the user to change the languages and alphabets of the set, layouts, and appearance of the interface depending on preferences.

Voice Assistants

The technology, first introduced by Apple in 2011 as an addition to its mobile operating system, has now become an indispensable voice assistant in smartphones and operating systems of many manufacturers.

Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby, Alice from “Yandex” and Maroussia from can be used to control your device information, set reminders, send messages, and perform tasks.

Such as adding to the calendar, searching places and routes, and also to control smart home devices such as thermostats, lighting, and doors.

You can ask the voice assistant to find a movie, turn on the music, or just chat with him when it gets boring.

Smart Sensors

Modern smartphones are stuffed with various sensors that can analyze both the environment and the condition of the gadget owner.

They can not only monitor a person’s physical activity but also monitor his psychological state.

Such devices can measure the level of stress, drowsiness, pulse, and much more, helping the owner of the gadget to take better care of his health.

For example, smartphones of well-known manufacturers automatically recognize an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, track an unexpected fall of a person, and can automatically call an ambulance.

Or they monitor the user’s daily routine and tell him what he usually does at a certain time.

Data analysis and collection tools

Unlike sensors, such technologies embedded in smartphones require the user’s participation: he must initiate the process by creating a specific request.

In response, the user receives recommendations and answers to their queries.

Built based on cloud technologies and Big Data technologies, such programs allow you to receive personalized recommendations, for example, in the field of culture, cooking, and sports.

The same technologies in special applications for smartphones can be used to automate routine tasks, optimize business processes, and process data.

And analyze the market, identify trends, and develop business strategies, which, of course, significantly increase the efficiency of the owner of the device.

And automatic search and filtering of content help to save time and get more pleasure from using gadgets.

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