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Scrap Catalytic Converters Price List – Ultimate Lookup Guide 2023

Scrap Catalytic Converters Price List - Ultimate Lookup Guide 2023

Due to the rich metals, catalytic converters are becoming extremely valuable in the metal recycling sector. Valuable metals like palladium, copper, platinum, cerium, rhodium, iron, nickel, and manganese are found in catalytic converters.

Even yet, some catalytic converters have different amounts of metals, which affects how much each one costs. If you plan to sell your catalytic converter, do it to a smelter so it can be recycled.

It is well known that many businesses dislike having the public access their scrap catalytic converter cost search guide.

Maybe they want to ensure they can provide pencil assays to catalytic converter providers. Lower costs for their supply will come from them doing this.

Types Of Free Catalytic Converter Scrap & Serial Number Price


Oxidation Catalytic Converter

This aids in lowering dangerous pollution in exhaust gases like carbon monoxide and combustion hydrocarbons.

The other catalytic converters are frequently employed in tandem and are considered secondary air injections. However, oxidation converters only contribute to a partial reduction of the contaminants.

Double Bed Catalytic Converter

It offers greater precision. The pieces are in two phases and consist of two consecutive components. Therefore, reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides is the first step.

While the 2nd phase aids in the hydrocarbons’ reaction with one another to produce carbon monoxide and unburned fuel. Many automakers provide this type of catalytic converter with secondary air injection.

The Honeycomb Catalytic Converter

These three-speed catalytic converters are the only thing that can reduce all three pollutants simultaneously. Due to the need to meet tight emissions rules, most manufacturers produce their vehicles with three-speed transmissions.

What Is The Scrap Value Of A Catalytic Converter In The UK?

If you’re wondering how much catalytic converters are worth in the UK, it infers that you have decided to sell your trash catalytic converter.

Be aware that the catalytic converter will cost more because of the value of the rare metals it contains. This is so because catalytic converters contain platinum, rhodium, and palladium, the three precious metals.

However, depending on the maker and model, the value could change. However, due to the high cost of the catalytic converter, pricing in the UK varies from £200 to £1600.

In the US, what is a catalytic converter’s value as scrap?

Since catalytic converters are made of three precious metals—rhodium, platinum, and palladium—their value is increasing. And you can find 3–7 grams of platinum in a typical catalytic converter.

However, the condition of the catalytic converter in the car could differ. However, if a catalytic converter is sold as scrap at the neighborhood wrecking yard, it will often fetch around $300 to $1500 in the US.

What is the Scrap Values for Diesel Catalytic Converters?

Only diesel-related engines may produce a diesel catalytic converter. Since they lack precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium, catalytic converter scrap from diesel engines frequently isn’t worth much money.

However, there is some trash diesel catalytic converter that is profitable. It might cost anywhere from $150 to almost $700. However, the models and manufacturers of diesel catalytic converters can affect their pricing.

What Is The Scrap Value Of a GM Catalytic Converter?

Prices vary depending on the model and the state of the catalytic converter. However, when it refers to GM catalytic converters, the typical value of a GM scrap catalytic converter when sold is between $1500 and $3000.

The German automaker’s vehicles are required to have the GM catalytic converter as a standard part. Since its initial debut, the GM catalyst has been employed in their vehicles.

The catalytic converter for General Motors is designed to lessen the pollution of the engine exhaust system. However, the catalytic converter has numerous advantageous qualities when a component breaks.

The following are additional catalytic converter scrap prices:

1. A Ferrari F430 costs $3,070.00 to $3,770.

2. The $3,200 per Lamborghini Aventador is available

3. A Dodge Ram 2500 costs $3,500.

4. The Ford F250 costs $2,800.

5. A $1,500 Ford Mustang is available.

How Can I Check the Price of a Catalytic Converter?

Do you wish to learn how to find the cost of a catalytic converter? You can utilize this catalytic converter pricing catalogue anyplace; You can use your smartphone to access it.

You can sign up & subscribe for the following things without cost:

1. Rhodium, platinum, and palladium price updates are provided in real-time.

2. Thousands of part numbers and pricing are available to you.

3. Custom inventory boxes can be created and saved.

4. You have a unique profile.

5. You can determine the material’s worth before we get here.

6. Photo evaluation

7. Unlimited customer service is provided.

8. You are granted infinite lookups

After logging in, you can easily see the costs of your scrap catalytic converters on the price catalogue page.

Utilizing this website is relatively easy. All you need to do is type the code from your used catalytic converter into the search bar. Simply press enter after typing for the pricing to appear.

Can you utilize any app for pricing catalytic converters?

In order to avoid being duped by dealers who wish to purchase from you at a reduced price, it is crucial to price your catalytic converter correctly.

The best part is that you may verify the catalytic converter’s actual cost for yourself. But how exactly do you accomplish that? If you are an app enthusiast, I’ll start with one.

The cost of catalytic converters from different brands and car types can be compared using an app called EcoCat.

You can get this app from Google Play or AppStore. Knowing the reference number of your catalytic converter is necessary to utilize this app.

You can download it, register, and use your free account to check the cost of one catalytic converter per day after that.

However, depending on your subscription, the subscribed account grants you access to a limited or unlimited number of searches each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is A Ford F250 Catalytic Converter Worth As Scrap?

Fords have an estimated scrap value of $850, although the price can change depending on the creature’s condition. Anticipate to see it occasionally sold for between $650 and $950.

2. What Is The Scrap Value Of A Toyota Catalytic Converter?

For the more expensive Toyota models, you may expect to pay between $250 and $50 when buying or selling a scrap catalytic converter. You may search for the cost of your particular item.

3. What Is The Scrap Value Of A Honda Catalytic Converter?

Honda models between 2002 to 2008 typically have a scrap value between $540 and $600, but later versions can get between $550 and $800.

4. Which Catalytic Converters Bring The Highest Scrap Price?

The Ferrari F430 model has the most costly catalytic converter on the market, with a scrap value of between $3,070.00 and $3,770, according to a review of sales data.

The Bottom Line

Catalytic converters are currently extremely valuable in the world’s metal recycling business. This is because of the presence of some of the precious metals.

Palladium, copper, cerium, platinum, nickel, rhodium, iron, and manganese are elements found in cat converters. Selling your catalytic converter to a reputable smelter to be recycled is the best course of action.

But remember that the catalytic converter needs to be maintained frequently and examined every few months. If you do this, you’ll find it simpler to pinpoint any problems with the component.

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