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Most Accurate Hacks To Fix [pii_email_cee153ccc631ad228b48] Outlook Error

Fix [pii_email_cee153ccc631ad228b48] Outlook Error

Outlook Error [pii_email_cee153ccc631ad228b48] is a common error that many people have come across at one point or another. This post will go in-depth into what the problem is and how to resolve it without having to call Microsoft for help! First off,

let’s understand why some users are seeing this error pop up when they try sending an email.


What are PII Email Errors?

PII means personally identifiable information, which is any data that can be used to identify a particular person.

If you ever get an error when trying to send an email, it’s likely because there is a character missing from your address. Make sure your email includes these text strings:


E-mail address (or any other field where information needs to be entered)

Username, if using Gmail or a similar program!

This is any information that could allow a person to be tracked or targeted by an attacker. PII errors can happen when personal data (either your own or someone else’s) are included in the email header, body, attachment name, or sender address.


Why Does This Error Show Up?

In Outlook 2013 for Windows, these errors may come about if you have multiple accounts set up on the same computer. In order to resolve this issue, make sure all of those different account settings are saved in one setting file (usually .pst).

So there isn’t any overlap when they’re trying to send out emails. It has also been known that some users have seen these errors pop up as a result of opening their inbox while still logged into another account at the same time.

For some people, this error pops up because they send attachments that contain sensitive data through their email message–like bank account numbers and social security numbers!

These types of emails should never be sent via unsecured methods like email as it would make them susceptible to hackers who want to steal those valuable pieces of information from you!

The best way to protect your sensitive data is by using services that offer end-to-end encryption like Dropbox Paper.


What Happens When Outlook Error [pii_email_cee153ccc631ad228b48] Occurs?

Outlook will stop working with no warning or indication as to what went wrong. Your inbox may appear empty even though the rest of your messages are still there on the server.


Most Accurate Hacks to Fix These Errors?

Delete All Of Your Messages:

If you want to find the original message that was causing the error, simply delete all of your messages and then restart Outlook so it will rebuild from its in-box folder or cache.

This may seem like a drastic measure but if deleting key sensitive emails is not something you are willing to risk, this could be worth doing!

After you have deleted all of your messages,

-Go back into each account

-Check for a new email because sometimes there can be an automated response sent out about why certain accounts were blocked due to violating their policies when sending attachments.

It would also make sense that these responses would include some instructions on how to fix the issue! So, if you are not receiving any of these emails, then it’s likely that the issue has been resolved on its own.

In this case, restarting Outlook might be a good idea to see if there is anything new in your inbox or send folder(s). If so – great! You can continue with business as usual and email attachments will work just fine for now. Otherwise, keep reading below for some other potential solutions…

Multiple Account Hack:
I would also recommend deleting all messages from each account again (if possible) because sometimes when multiple accounts have problems at the same time due to an attachment being sent out too often or having exceeded their quota limit for sending attachments.

Which could cause one of them to get blocked by Microsoft temporarily. Deleting those messages and re

-attaching the attachment to a new message will often work in that case.

You can do this by:

-Selecting all of those emails (from each account) on your inbox or send folder(s)

-Deleting them

-Then attaching it again with the same subject line as before but changing the name from “Attachment” to something like “My Test Message”.

-You could even change the file extension from .emlx_xxxxxx.txt to.emlx_txt if you want – just make sure you keep track of which one is for what!

Another thing I would recommend trying is adding an email address outside of Outlook 2016 so that when attachments are sent out they go through another client instead of being blocked due to the attachment restriction.

-Open your Add Account window in Outlook 2016 by clicking on File and then click “Account Settings” from the list of options that appear at the bottom left corner;

-On the Accounts tab, select “Other…” from under E-mail to add an email account not currently set up with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 for Business (O365);

From here you can find any other POP or IMAP server by entering either one into their respective fields like Gmail or AOL Mail.

Please note: These accounts will be sent through another client instead of being blocked due to the attachment restriction. For example, when sending attachments outside of Outlook they have been able to send them as long as it’s only a couple of megabytes.

-In your account window in Outlook, select “Outlook on the web” under E-mail;

Now go to Settings then Advanced and scroll down until you see POP or IMAP (depending on what type of email account you’re using).

Select it and choose More settings from the dropdown menu that appears at the top right corner;

Change “Download new messages automatically” to Yes so mail will download onto your computer automatically – this is important because if you don’t have those downloaded they won’t be able to send them outside of Outlook as long as attachments are blocked.

From here all emails should start downloading again without any errors! Happy sending :)!

Still, having Trouble?

If you’re still having trouble with this error, we recommend checking out the following Microsoft article for more information: ikk_error – An unexpected email attachment was attached or a problem occurred during an operation on an email message

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