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The Most Popular Python IDEs and Code Editors for Developers Today

The Most Popular Python IDEs and Code Editors for Developers Today

Python is one of the most popular and renowned programming languages in the market today.

The programming language was created back in the year 1991 and has developed a lot after that to be ranked among the best in the industry. While Python is applicable to all stages of web development.

It is primarily recognized for server-side improvements, advancements in programming, math applications, and man-made consciousness.

The programming language can work on multiple operating systems and can breeze through the different stages of the development process.

Python IDEs or Integrated Development Environments have progressed a lot over time. An IDE can typically be defined as a piece of hardware that can help with the creation and testing of an end product.

A designer may utilize instruments such as libraries, testing stages, editors, and order during the course of an IDE. IDEs can robotize an assignment and automate processes for the future.

Additionally, IDEs can also help reduce mistakes during the coding process and provide a solution that is applicable to all users.

In this article, we take a look at the most popular code editors and IDEs to be used on Python. These solutions have been integrated comprehensively within the core system and are trusted by most developers today.

Popular code editors and IDEs that are used in Python

1. Atom

Atom is a comprehensive code editor that is open-source in nature and can help give results in a short time. Atom comes with a perfectly smooth look and UI and is controlled through an electron structure at the front end.

The electron front-end structure is applicable across programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JS among many others.

Atom can help highlight all client modules and give you a chance to pick the right one through a commercial center that is free to use.

The commercial center gives you access to the best-known modules so that you can incorporate them for necessities.

2. Codespaces

Codespaces was created by Microsoft and was first introduced in May of 2020. Codespaces is clearly based on the cloud and creates cross-stage usability for developers working on key projects.

Codespaces creates the perfect content tool for developers and helps during the expansion process.

The code editor can also self-refresh as soon as a web platform associated with it is restored. Codespaces is currently a free option to use but can become a paid tool in the future.

3. Visual Studio

Visual Studio is one of the most trusted IDEs and is used by developers to run extreme testing measures. Visual Studio has a separate tool base for Python, known as PTVS or Python Tools for Visual Studio.

Visual Studio comes with complete testing apparatus, inherent terminals, and exhaustive measures. The Studio also comes with a separate commercial center, pretty similar to the one we discussed for Atom above.

Visual Studio also provides the feasibility of Intellisense, which is known to be among the best code autocompletion frameworks. The framework can help you add modules for different web development instruments.

4. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a frequently used code editing manager that can help in not only editing code but also in ensuring the best testing protocols.

The text uphold feature works fine for codes generated through Python development and can help you set your own undertakings.

The modules present in the code manager let you change the look and feel of the editor. You can change the general appearance of the code manager, and also play with the code consummation and language building.

Sublime has new modules added to the repository almost every day, which ensures that developers aren’t spoilt for choice.


VIM is the perfect code supervisor to work within Python. VIM operates as a replacement for VI and is ranked among the best in the business.

The code supervisor was promptly introduced in Linux and Mac OS and is now also ready for download on the Windows OS. The code editor provides excellent adjustments and can help catch mistakes in no time.

VIM comes without any visible UI and is merged together through a separate console.

What this means is that developers can rework pretty much anything through VIMscripts for the desired results. This helps position VIM among the best code editors in the market today.


IDLE is the perfect IDE and code editor for Python and comes by default with the programming language.

IDLE includes all basic features that users want from Python testing, including highlighting, smart indentation, autocompletion, and an amazing debug tool.

IDLE is, however, limited in nature as it is designed for beginners who are just starting to learn to program.

The testing tool is lightweight in nature and comes without much customization, as beginners may not need that.

Developers working on bigger projects that require extensive code editing and customization will want to move beyond the solutions offered by IDLE.

7. Spyder

Spyder is an amazing IDE designed specifically for Python as a programming language. Spyder is known to be of good use for data scientists and ML professionals working on Python.

Spyder comes together with the Anaconda package, which also includes libraries such as Scipy, Pandas, Mumpy, and others.

The IDE comes with excellent features such as debugging, code completion, data visualization, and a lot more. Spyder works well for data scientists, as it is specifically optimized for the purpose.

Python is on the rise as a programming language, which is why there is great demand for code editors and IDEs meant for it. We hope this article gives you an idea of the best editors in town.

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IDEs that Make Python Stand Out

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Python is on the rise as a programming language, which is why there is great demand for code editors and IDEs meant for it. We hope this article gives you an idea of the best editors in town.

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