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Top 8 Database Monitoring Tools – Updated Guide 2022

Top 8 Database Monitoring Tools

Databases are the center stage of most critical business processes. As applications convert more complex, IT infrastructure becomes increasingly diverse and advanced.

But the good thing is that technology is emerging day by day and becoming more versatile.

What is Database Monitoring?

Database monitoring is the fundamental process of tracking data performance according to the key metrics affecting performance.

Such metrics are usually monitored in real-time, which allows business owners to identify or predict issues.

Efficient database monitoring is also the chance for companies to improve or optimize their database, to fasten overall performance.

The objective of database monitoring is to maintain all the connected resources and data secure and ensure the performance of the database remains at the safest place.

which is by making sure your app infrastructure is always available and functional. Database monitoring lets IT admins conduct quick and precise processes for problem-solving, saving time and valuable assets.

Key Benefits of Database Monitoring

An efficient database monitoring can be a key contributor to the overall success of the business.

We all know that a poor end-user experience results in a loss of customers.

When you implement a robust database monitoring solution, it can result in invaluable benefits. Such as –

  • Reduced time and resources
  • Upgraded end-user experiences
  • More enhanced capacity planning
  • Insights to improve performance
  • A clear view of security flaws

8 Valuable Database Monitoring Software

There are several database monitoring tools in the market, both paid and free, that are designed to initiate effective monitoring of databases.

To help you choose between them, here is a list of recommended database monitoring solution providers that you can choose from.

Motadata Database Monitoring

Motadata’s database monitoring solution, companies do not need to compromise on their services relying on their database.

When they know all about their data, they can effectively manage and monitor entire data flow processes.

It will also help them achieve consistent customer satisfaction along with secure database servers.

Key benefits of Motadata for monitoring your database

  • Extract valuable insights from the database
  • Optimize your database with ease
  • Extract details from the sessions and active users
  • Look over the response time of the database using a personalized dashboard
  • Set limits as per the alerts and notifications

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)

SolarWinds database monitoring tool offers quick root cause analysis that gives the deep visualization of the data and has a highly user-friendly interface.

It is suitable for SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, SAP ASE, and many more. It provides a unique approach for database performance monitoring, along with a focused response time.

Key benefits of SolarWinds for monitoring your database

  • Quick response time analysis
  • Align the aims and efforts with service-level delivery
  • Measure the time taken to complete operations
  • Pinpoint exactly what causes delays in the database
  • All-dimensional root cause analysis
  • Immediate visibility of database server health in a clear format
  • Historical trend dashboard, reporting, charts, and alerting

Paessler PRTG Database Monitor

Paessler database monitoring tool offers impressive database monitoring functionalities, which are capable of monitoring Microsoft SQL, MYSQL, Oracle SQL, etc.

It also serves as a one-stop approach to monitoring the databases. It monitors the entire database and provides a dashboard and interface.

Not only this, but it also allows you to view the data in a two-day, 30-day, or 365-day format.

Key benefits of Paessler for monitoring your database

  • All-in-one database monitoring at a glance
  • Monitors Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL & more
  • Avoid downtimes and optimize performance
  • PRTG queries data from your database without a lengthy query
  • Results and data are presented to save time and hassle.


dbWatch is a tool to monitor Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Postgres, MySQL, and Oracle databases.

It offers full support for RAC clustering and AlwaysOn, with on-premises, hybrid, or cloud Azure SQL and makes it a truly cross-platform program.

The tool is aimed at monitoring and managing the whole server farm.

Key benefits of dbWatch for monitoring your database

  • Manage the farm as well as monitoring each instance
  • Drill down into single instances for analysis and deeper understanding
  • Manage the instance via a unified, global view
  • Enhance reports for the entire data center
  • Get real-time and historical data for contextual and comparative analysis


Site24x7 offers out-of-the-box database monitoring that is designed to verify the highest possible SQL server availability.

The tool helps enterprises with optimal performance 24×7. It also provides capacity planning and clear insights.

The server monitoring tool includes an optimizer for database performance along with an auto-discovery feature.

Key benefits of Site24x7 for monitoring your database

  • Customized alert parameters and live performance metrics
  • Monitor an unlimited number of instances
  • Enables enterprises in automating actions

ManageEngine Free SQL Health Monitor

ManageEngine is a SQL health monitoring tool that comes with some surprising premium and generous features.

One of the best things about this tool is that it offers a user-friendly user interface that is uncluttered and easy to interpret.

A dashboard contains data in the form of graphs, dials, and charts, and along with the option of getting deeper insights from the database performance.

The dashboard serves as a centralized location for all the data and its design makes it a good user experience.

Key benefits of ManageEngine for monitoring your database

  • Auto-discovery feature to identify the SQL servers
  • Easy to set up
  • Monitor memory, CPU, and disk space utilization
  • Color-coded alerts let users view general server performance
  • Monitor the performance of all MS SQL versions
  • Fetch the status of Windows services related to your MS SQL Server
  • Keep an eye on buffer, memory, lock, and latch details of your MS SQL Server
  • Generate real-time performance reports in PDF format and email them from the tool


Datadog offers a modern database monitoring solution to keep track of important logs and traces, metrics all over the stack.

Timely troubleshooting problems and reducing downtime are essential for all enterprises with servers and connected networks.

With this useful tool, enterprises can proactively monitor the performance and health of their database.

Datadog can collect, visualize, and send notifications of the data across the entire stack through a single platform.

A unified view simplifies troubleshooting and offers seamless cross-team collaboration.

Key benefits of Datadog for monitoring your database

  • Unified overview of database metrics including connections, the performance of query execution, etc.
  • Quickly identify bottlenecks, slow-running queries, and error rates.
  • Automatically detect log patterns
  • Get visibility into database interdependencies
  • Customizable dashboards with drag-and-drop and widget features
  • Synchronized dashboards help in correlating database performance


Nagios is a database monitoring platform for complete monitoring of the databases and database servers.

It monitors database, table sizes, availability, cache ratio, and several other performance metrics.

Key benefits of Nagios for monitoring your database

  • Quick detection of database failures, and outages
  • Predictive analysis of index performance and storage needs
  • Increase app availability and improve database performance.

Key Take Away

These easy-to-use, cross-functional database monitoring tools can help you keep track of all your databases to identify strange or deceiving behavior.

With essential performance metrics and insights, you can resolve problematic queries, issues and optimize database performance faster. The above-listed tools will help you decide the best solution for your organization.


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